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Some conservatory project designs analysis of plan of cold heat source

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Some conservatory project designs analysis of plan of cold heat source

Yellow River survey plans to design limited company Yang Ge to grow Du Jianwei

[Summary] With Beijing some specific conservatory engineering design is exemple, to a few kinds different cold heat source combined a form to undertake comparative. Pass technology and economy characteristic analysis, source of water of final affirmatory sewage heats up pump system to regard a project as medium cold heat source, the choice of form of air conditioning of the conservatory in be actual project provided reference.

[Keyword] Source of water of sewage of conservatory cold heat source heats up pump

1. project general situation

This project is located in Beijing to go in for sth in a large scale area, place year average air temperature 11 ℃ , air temperature of average in January lowest - 4.8 ℃ , average in July highest air temperature 25.8 ℃ , heating temperature - 9 ℃ , extreme lowest air temperature - 27.4 ℃ , annual frost-free period 209 days, heating period is as long as 130 days. Conservatory goes in for sth in a large scale for Beijing the one stature project in project of processing of environment of water of Ou Xinfeng river, belong to inferior travel loan project. Project of processing of environment of Xin Fenghe water is those who use yellow village sewage treatment plant is medium water serves as fountainhead, one part is versed in through the person wet ground purifies systematic processing to regard Xin Fenghe as Li Ying the environment of reach uses water under brake, the water in one part uses water to offer reach of above of brake of Xin Fenghe Li Ying to use as wadi zoology directly, use water to wadi offers landscape to use water and irrigate to be offerred downstream.

2. conservatory brief introduction

Conservatory is enclothe material to regard as with daylighting all or material of partial palisade construction, in winter or other unsuited plant shows the season that the ground grows to offer the structure that falls implantation content. Big canopy of our common in the life vitreous Yo greenhouse and vegetable is typical conservatory. Conservatory basically uses a principle is to make sunshine direct illuminate enters hot house, add the air inside hot cell, and at the same time glass or transparent plastic film need not make indoor hot air outward send out again, make indoor temperature holds the position of prep above outside, be helpful for the condition that the plant grows quickly in order to offer. Such conservatory formed two characteristics: Temperature relatively outdoor tall, do not come loose hot.

The basis uses a function finally of conservatory, can divide for productivity conservatory, experiment (education) sexual conservatory and the commerciality conservatory that allow the public to enter. Vegetable helps advance somebody's career conservatory, flowers helps advance somebody's career conservatory, breed conservatory to wait to all belong to productivity conservatory; Lab of artificial climate room, conservatory attribute a test (education) sexual conservatory; All sorts of viewing and admire conservatory, retail hot house, commodity is wholesale conservatory belong to commerciality conservatory.
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