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Land source heats up pump: Hot water of heating air conditioning is triplex the

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Canto 2: Stage of border 鮌 K

PK1: Other of VS of land source hot pump heats means

Choose heat differently means, wear out condition of the sources of energy is very different. Through comparing discovery, land source hot pump is all heat in means of the most managing the sources of energy.

With boiler (report, fuel) photograph of heat addition system is compared, boiler heat addition can the electric energy 90% above or 70 ~ can be quantity of heat inside the fuel of 90% , use for the user, because here source heats up pump to want to compare electric boiler to heat,save the electric energy of 2/3 above, the annual of heat source temperature that because land source heats up pump,saves the energy; of about 1/2 than fuel boiler is relatively stable, it is 10 ~ commonly 25 ℃ , the its refrigeration, coefficient that make heat can amount to 3.5 ~ 4.4, with traditional air source hot pump photograph is compared, want tower above 40% the left and right sides, its run charge to be common the 60 % of 50 ~ of central air conditioning.

PK2: Economic analysis

Investment compares first: The investment at the beginning of aircrew increases than cold water aircrew 20% the left and right sides; Raise the cost that dig a well; Without cooling water tower and cooling water system; Without boiler and boiler room; Without the cost that join a network (the day lights net of heating power of gas, city) ; does not have oil tank safety to expend.

Moving charge compares: Summertime refrigeration season restricts cost summer of 20% above; uses heat to reclaim, can provide wholesome hot water freely; When winter makes heat, locomotive charge is equivalent to lighting gas, oil fired boiler 50% the left and right sides; Annual moving charge is managing 40 % left and right sides.

Canto 1: Technical description


Technology of land source hot pump is one kind uses resource of subterranean shallow-layer terrestrial heat (also call land source can, include water of water of soil, groundwater, surface water, river, seawater, lake to wait) , implementation building heating, refrigeration and life hot water are triplex at the same time the technology of efficient and energy-saving air conditioning that offer.

Land source hot pump passes an input a few high grade the sources of energy (like electric energy) , the microtherm heat source of heat addition of heating of the cooling source that can regard hot pump summer as refrigeration with land source, winter. Be in namely winter, the quantity of heat with can medium ground " take " come out, after raising temperature, supply is indoor heating; The summer, take indoor quantity of heat, release underground.

Technical principle

Source of A, land heats up pump refrigeration air conditioning:

Source of B, land heats up pump heating, heat addition:

Source of C, land heats up pump refrigeration, heat addition:
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