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" technology of air conditioning of heat addition of land source hot pump "

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For technology of hot to land source pump, I think it basically has 3 problems:

The first cries invest first taller. What the person that be present cares quite is after all tall how many, I can tell you and general air conditioning the system is compared only, every square metre is met probably expensive 50 to 100 money, if governmental subsidy 50 your money, then you do not have floriferous money, this is compared with air conditioning system, perhaps say one square metre wants how to many money spend? 300, 400 yuan or so, of course this depends on the element of this money is more, the first be with you
Geological condition is relative, still one matters with architectural bear, here gives everybody a commonner idea.

Next a lot of estate business seek advice with me, should I ask him your house prepares how to many fund sell first? It is 3000 money before two years at least, preparation sells 3000 fund, I say I won't recommend these systems to you, what Beijing does now is best, beijing very " hot " . Why do I think Beijing is compared " hot " ? The house price of Beijing is expensive, 10 thousand money of Beijing are too cheap house, 10 thousand money are added 400 or 100 money one square, it is a problem scarcely to him, the estate of Beijing develops business to say money is not a problem, I had this thing is green the sources of energy to me, it is the sources of energy that can last, it is very good sell a site. Of course, investment is expensive first, run charge to be able to decrease greatly of course, why to decrease? I am energy-saving. The money that general United States says to invest first 3 call in to 7 annual meeting. I feel China is better than abroad, because Chinese labour cost is very cheap, the investment that so our China increases should be gotten less than the United States much.

Truly big question is the 2nd problem, alleged source heats up pump, I should use subterranean quantity of heat, so I must have the land, if do not have the ground bad to did. So a lot of people say with me, what I care more is to ask to the land is had on the side of him, of course after you bury this ground to be in charge of, after restoring it, this kinds of grass is planted careless, this kinds plant kind of tree, so you must want to have the land. I should give authority very fundamental concept, how many land does the building of 10 thousand square metre want probably? This south, northward each places are different, very the concept of shallow, the building of 10 thousand square metre wants the 2000 land to 3000 square probably. We are in Beijing 3 annulus and between 4 annulus, we also were done, the ground also is insufficient, we said our a few way below, include to be inside the parking lot, a lot of meetings do subterranean parking lot, we can bury a canal to be in subterranean parking lot, the other use such as afforest still can be made above. The house of alleged to us high level, in front this ground is quite sufficient use, I should see again tall building your cubage is led after all how.
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