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Land source heats up pump and ground to warm the promotion that combines heat ad

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Summary: The heating means that with Heibei some village uses land source to heat up pump and heating of radiate of ground of microtherm hot water to be united in wedlock is the article derivative dot, the patent technology of the development that introduces land source to heat up pump technology and hot pump of source of one cultivate land and the project that use this technology place to undertake are popularized, combine Beijing area the characteristic of system of hot pump of source of land of introduction of one project example. Below the article from heat addition heat source, the respect such as the characteristic of land source hot pump and heating of radiate of ground of low warm hot water makes brief introducing respectively. Heat addition heat source has the following kinds of forms commonly: Heat and power plant, area boiler room, industry and city more than heat, the heat of the earth's interior, nuclear energy, heat up pump, solar energy. Before 5 kinds belong to concentration heat source, hind two kinds reach furnace burning gas, fuel furnace to wait belong to independent heat source. In the section that focuses heat source to be restricted, independent heat source shows the advantage of oneself, heat up pump for instance, advantage of especially system of source hot pump is more clear. Land source heats up pump floor radiate, implementing technology of heating of radiate of ground of microtherm hot water is current most economy, most the environmental protection, most energy-saving means, heating effect is stable, successional good. Land source hot pump was to use the solar energy resource of earthly soil and deposit of water system place to serve as cold heat source, have the system of air conditioning of changes in temperature of energy changeover. Upper soil and water system are a tremendous solar energy thermal collector not only, collected the sun radiate energy of 47% , use energy more every year than the mankind 500 times much still (subterranean water system is to pass soil to accept sun radiant energy secondhand to measure) , and it is a system of huge dynamic energy balance, upper soil and water system naturally maintain energy is accepted and disperse the internal heat with sudorifics is opposite balanced. This makes use store at among them it seems that infinite solar energy or ground can become a possibility. Say so, land source hot pump is to use but a kind of of second birth the sources of energy efficient way. Technology of land source hot pump is what one kind uses soil of shallow-layer normal temperature or the energy in groundwater serves as the sources of energy is efficient and energy-saving, 0 pollution, of low moving cost already but heating but the new-style heat that refrigeration can provide life hot water pump technology. Alleged heat pump (Heat Pump) be heat up source derive energy one kind from microtherm, make its are changed into the device of useful heat energy. What it uses soil of subterranean normal temperature or groundwater temperature stabilizes relatively is characteristic, pass an input a few high grade the sources of energy (like electric energy) , apply bury to undertake heating up exchange at the pipeline system all round the building or groundwater and building interior, the changes in temperature that heat energy of implementation low grade transfers to high grade is amphibious air conditioning system. It heats up pump aircrew and control system composition by source of boiler circulation system, heat exchanger, land. Its the biggest advantage is energy-saving, free from contamination and moving charge is low, empty temperamental volume is high. Normally source heats up pump to waste the energy of 1kW, the user can receive the quantity of heat of 4kW above or cold amount. It does not discharge any waste gas, liquid waste, waste residue to the outside, be a kind ideal " green technology " . From angle of the sources of energy for, it is a kind of used never-failing but second birth the sources of energy. Summertime high temperature comes loose poorly heat and the extraction with winter poor low temperature are hot, make efficiency of heat exchange of system of land source hot pump very tall. When because this is in,producing same quantity of heat or cold amount, the compressor that needs small-power only can come true, and winter moves not to need any auxiliary heat source and defrost, reduce electric energy greatly to use up the loss with defrost, achieve energy-saving goal thereby. Heating of radiate of ground of microtherm hot water is with temperature not the hot water of 60 ℃ is prep above hot intermediary, heating the loop inside the canal flows, heat floor, mix with radiation through the ground convective means the heating means to indoor heat addition. This means has comfortable sex strong, do not take up the advantage such as indoor area, get of people love. The as it happens of temperature giving water of land source hot pump satisfies temperature of heating room system of radiate of ground of microtherm hot water not prep above the requirement of 60 ℃ , do not need to add heat exchange equipment, reduce investment, this also is the advantage place that both photograph ties. 1946 the United States builds source of the first land to heat up pump system. American business heated up system of pump air conditioning to had occupied air conditioning to retain with architectural land source 1998 the 19 % above of the quantity, occupy 30 % inside new structure among them, and with annual the speed of 10 % is given long, cloth assorted is the president before the United States to extend product of this energy-saving, environmental protection energetically, in Dekesasi city country the residence takes the lead in applying. Be in Europe, a few state application of Germany, France and boreal Europe are more, switzerland - 96% , Denmark - 27% , Austria - 38% , they more it is to use resource of shallow-layer terrestrial heat, come heat addition perhaps warms oneself.
As consciousness of the sources of energy of domestic people environmental protection rise ceaselessly, hot pump more and more be taken seriously, as a kind of environmental protection efficient new energy resources will replace the one-time the sources of energy that basically gives priority to with mineral the sources of energy gradually, will enter an innumberable families. This is to answer national appeal to admit green architectural need, also be to carry out the development that fulfils the Party Central Committee to put forward energy-saving province ground residence and communal architectural are important act, offer environmental protection of zoology of a green to live energy-savingly for people at the same time, working environment, improve the life grade of people. The research of technology of hot pump of source of our country land only then at going up century 80 time. Committee of major of terrestrial heat of seminar of Chinese the sources of energy held development of countrywide ground heat energy the 4th times to use a seminar in Beijing at coming 8 days on September 6, 1994; Begin from 90 time, every whole nation is warm connect refrigeration learning annual meeting to go up to have " the application that heat up pump " special subject; 1997, ministry of Chinese science and technology and American energy department were signed " the cooperative agreement that development of Sino-US terrestrial heat uses " . Company of group of Shandong grand force assisted Shandong to build engineering courtyard to establish land source to heat up pump institute 2000, this is the scientific research orgnaization that our country heats up pump technology first times to be research target with land source. Came 23 days on June 19, 2000, sino-US land source heats up pump technology communication to be able to be in Beijing to hold. Source of first international land is new on March 17, 2003 technical seminar by Shandong company of grand force group is sponsorred in Jinan, expert of hot pump of source of land of Yu Kuiming of president of group of its Zhongshan Dong Hongli, United States OSU Dr. Spiteler, Dr. Liu Xiaobin, Shandong builds source of engineering courtyard land to heat up pump institute Fang Zhaohong, spread out development to discuss, raised domestic land source to heat up the technical level of pump greatly, by assess of domestic and international expert, technology of hot pump of source of grand force land achieved international advanced level, and fill home is blank. 2005, construction ministry heats up land source pump technology to label bldg. decathlon new technology, concerned respect is making relevant policy, drive land source to heat up pump technology gain ground and develop. Regard new-style cleanness as the delegate of the sources of energy, land source heats up pump to be taken seriously by national director branch. The standard that the home that construction ministry heats up land source pump technology to label new technology of 2005 bldg. decathlon to enjoin China builds chief editor of place of scientific academy air conditioning heats up pump technology first times about land source " regulations of technology of air conditioning of heating of land source hot pump " had promulgated carry out. A lot of places are various a chance that the government regards economy of development this locality as hot pump of development land source. Beijing rises from 1999, undertake demonstrative project of heating of the heat of the earth's interior and stair of microtherm ground heat energy use a technology to consider, fetch significant gain. To do very current Olympic Games, beijing director branch and scientific research branch cooperate with all one's strength, undertook a few advanced techniques study in succession, the clean the sources of energy that domestic and international expert offers to heat up pump to be a delegate with land source is accorded with " Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology " tenet, ought to popularize in Olympic Games project, use, the conference forms proposal to present Beijing government and Olympic Games organizing committee, be taken seriously by the height of concerned respect, traverse reachs assessment after, land source hot pump central air conditioning serves as Beijing Olympic Games specified type of chosen central air conditioning 2008. Land source heats up pump technology to save the sources of energy for the country greatly, alleviate electric shortage, also saved many moving cost for the user at the same time. In last few years, the research that land source heats up technology of pump air conditioning to be in our country and application had very great progress, theory and practice research are unusually active, project application year after year increases, especially Chinese government and American government bring into technology of air conditioning of land source hot pump two countries the sources of energy efficiency and but project of collaboration of second birth the sources of energy, promoted the applied field that international of this one technology cooperates and popularizes, but how to optimize set system configuration, obtain taller can effect comparing, it is the heat that the human affairs inside current job pays close attention to, strengthen technical communication so, it is very significant that advanced design concept, reliable equipment introduction gives authority. The air conditioning of aircrew of air conditioning of land source hot pump and other form is same, by 4 big composition, namely evaporator, condenser, compressor, expand a powerful person, and compressor, expand a powerful person installs an entrance formerly for Euramerican developed country, the research and development of aircrew of actually source hot pump basically is evaporator and condenser. With Beijing area one example gives everybody introduction below: Beijing Mo Nai garden is villatic group be located in Beijing to arrange city of justice area airport, it is the project of residence of high quality scales with Beijing bigger area, collect green, close water, internationalization, appreciation, humanitarian, traffic 6 be located in an organic whole, zoology environment and the residence with accrete harmony of person house environment set an example area, its basically are villatic type residence, still include recreation, office, school to wait at the same time, first phase of its villa residence adds up to more than 80. Ask by Party A its former engineering design lights boiler furnace heating for winter, the summer is common refrigeration of family expenses air conditioning, via reaching computation quite in detail its run cost, affirmatory finally among them 42 sources that it is the ground heat up pump aircrew, add up to about 60000 square metre, refrigeration of winter heating, summer in order to reduce its cost. (1) lead plane type because Beijing winter temperature is inferior, family expenses air conditioning is become temperature under attenuation of its heating capacity is more serious when 7 ℃ , coefficient of existence summer refrigeration is lower at the same time problem, at the same time according to Beijing file, be located in arrange justice area groundwater to take with be restricted strictly, eliminate fountainhead to heat up pump aircrew. After because this is in,be being contacted for many times with Party A, use land source to heat up refrigeration of pump aircrew in order to and heating. Because its are original computer room area is lesser, cannot install, after classics and Party A talk things over, install at bottom of first floor stair, be located in because of its indoor, sitting room attending the meeting is received, its exterior and noise requirement are very so strict, choose grand force to produce low noise number certainly finally flexible come back aircrew of module of source of land drifting type.
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