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About fountainhead technology of heating of hot pump refrigeration is discussed

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1. The method making heat of aircrew of hot pump of hot pump principle is, the quantity of heat that releases with condenser in air conditioning system comes heating, its microtherm the sources of energy from inside surroundings (river water, lake water, industry reachs sewage, groundwater, soil) absorption of heat, release place to need area next, achieve the goal of heating. Cooperate refrigeration machine to use, heating of one machine refrigeration, already energy-saving environmental protection, economy is practical.

2. Technology of foreground hot pump ends in the United States 1985, countrywide installation shares 14000, already installed 400000 up to now. Air conditioning of hot 1998 pump already occupied American commerce to build 19% , build among them build 30% the left and right sides. This shows, the product of low specific power consumption of environmental protection of cheap of a price is what kind ground equipment is welcome. Be in our country, hot pump technology in the ascendant, developing quickly, it is normal that the whole nation already had aircrew of hundreds of hot pumps to be in movement. According to our country national condition, population is numerous, energy resources is limited, hot pump technology accords with a country to be able to develop the strategy continuously, development perspective is accordingly wide.

3. Advantage

1) environmental protection is energy-saving use subterranean shallow water to become cold heat source, leave out coal fired, burn gas, the pollution that fuel brings; Leave out boiler room and cooling tower, managing cover an area of, it is the noise that also avoided cooling tower and mould pollution together, accord with environmental protection requirement.

2) invest to be other less only first the 1/2~2/3 of central air conditioning (leave out boiler room and cooling tower charge, increased to make well charge) .

3) utilization rate of energy-saving economy energy rises, the electric energy of devoted 1KW is attainable 4. The energy of the refrigeration of 4KW-6KW or heat addition, moving charge and groovy means photograph are compared but managing 1/2~1/3.

4) the condition that runs reliable aircrew is stable, suffer the effect of weather and environmental temperature scarcely. Unit is main component is little, safeguard simple, lead plane carries travel life can amount to 15 years of above.

5) agile safety uses fountainhead to heat up pump winter to building heating, the summer is offerred to the building cold, and but annual supplies life hot water, accomplish truly " one machine is amphibious " , raised the utilization rate of equipment. Aircrew can find a place for neatly in anyplace, managing space. Systematic extreme also can have multiple choice. Without store coal, the sanitation such as oil tank reachs safe hidden trouble. When considering air conditioning plan, the following should give take seriously:

(1) with least investment, get the product with best quality;
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