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Our country southern region builds energy-saving technology deepness to consider

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Arrive from the government now development business, think to owner the building is energy-saving this thing is very important, put forward to want to reduce specific power consumption especially 20 % , each district government the building energy-saving a when regard implementation as major strategy goal main measure, then all sorts of buildings remember energy-savingly in succession and piece. But I want to use this opportunity to analyse various energy-saving technologies simply today, see them can be in what kind of circumstance, what area suits below conditional environment, what area is not to suit too.

Above all, we treat condition of structure energy resources, according to the statistic of all sorts of respects, at present our country has one billion three hundred and forty-five million two hundred and ninety-four thousand three hundred and thirty-six to make the same score the building of rice, among them 24 billion be in a country, 16 billion in the city. But main the sources of energy is used up inside the building the city holds big head, the country still lags behind quite relatively because of economy, compare so little. These two are reached rising is two account, heating uses our country now the 2 % of whole coal output, with 1/3 of gross of our state report. At present Chinese building is used can occupy the Chinese 20 % of total commodity the sources of energy to arrive 22 % . Although this number says scale is not very big, but the production center that our country is a whole world, it is the exit big country of manufacturing industry, the sources of energy of quite a few is used up be used on product treatment. Although such buildings moved to still occupy 20 % ,arrive 22 % , say this proportion is very large still so.

Is following a developed country quite how? The building that this graph is every smooth rice China follows the United States, Canada, Japan and posture of Western Europe nation relative circumstance. This is Chinese total construction makes the same score rice to calculate by every, this is every building of smooth rice uses the town can, although our city compares a country many tall, but make the same score rice by every now annual 1/3 bad news report is the United States, 1/3 be Canada, it is European half only.

We read poll again, the person uses up the circumstance inside the building. Following the United States to compare our city is 2000 tile annual each, the United States is 14 thousand tile, 1/7 be the United States so, 1/3 be Europe and Japan, this is Chinese building is used can state.

Be like so is China and country ab extra photograph, use up than the sources of energy with developed country photograph already very low, why, the life style that basically is us is different, architectural use kind is different, the level is different bring about a building to use can have so big difference. This is just the year report that foundation of protection of world spontaneous combustion publishs, it is those who announce is in before two weeks inside building of our specific power consumption.
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