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Fountainhead conduit system of the air conditioning central designs a form plan

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3, systematic design differs according to the room function, configure different cold index, choose the fan coil of different type. Exhaust reachs sluicing: Offer, qualitative vertical of copper of installation of apogee of backwater pipeline system is automatic exhaust valve, drain valve of DN20 of lowermost place setting and the sluicing bibcock of the diameter that be the same as a canal. Conduit is raised, the particular form of hanger or bracket and setting position, according to the spot the circumstance decides when installation, the practice consults standard atlas. Conduit is raised, condole, bracket, what must set park heat-insulation layer is exterior, in cross, place of condole, bracket should be set expect in order to fill up. After tubing of water system all is finished, have hydraulic test and blowdown, ensure the cleanness inside the system, without contamination, with preventing to jam board type heat exchanger mixes pipeline and machine inter block water pump, cause aircrew damage. After tubing of water system all is finished, undertake condenser water discharges an experiment, ensure condenser water is smooth discharge. Air conditioning is offerred, the place such as backwater canal, valve, all need to have thermal insulation with insulation material, insulation material uses epispastic balata. Indoor extreme uses coil of fan of horizontal dark outfit, summertime refrigeration, winter makes heat, fan coil imports and exports all installs cupreous ball valve. Conduit and terminal facilities join all establish metallic soft contact, wirereinforced suction hose installs Y filter. (1) fan coil type selecting is as follows: Slightly (2) quote watch: Summary fountainhead heats up pump system one, the concept of technology of fountainhead hot pump and working principle
Technology of fountainhead hot pump is to if groundwater, river is mixed,use source of water of earthly surface shallow-layer laky in absorption solar energy and ground heat energy and the low temperature that form is low a heat energy resource, use hot pump principle, pass a few input of exalted electric energy, implementation is low a kind of technology that heat energy transfers to exalted heat energy.
Fountainhead of earthly surface shallow-layer if the river with the groundwater in 1000 meters of less than, upper deepness and laky with ocean in, absorbed the sun to enter the radiation energy of the earth that comparative, and the temperature of fountainhead is average very stable. Principle of work of unit of fountainhead hot pump is the quantity of heat in summertime general building in diverting source of water, because fountainhead temperature is low, take away quantity of heat OK and efficiently so, and winter, draw energy from inside fountainhead, by hot pump the principle adopts air or water serves as carry cryogen to promote temperature evacuation to arrive in the building. Normally fountainhead heats up pump to waste the energy of 1kW, the user can receive the quantity of heat of 4kW above or cold amount.
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