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Fountainhead conduit system of the air conditioning central designs a form plan

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One, this project is project general situation × × area conduit of fountainhead of some monomer villa air conditioning installs a project in the center of type door type, floor area is 380 square metre about, usable floor area of central air conditioning is 220 square metre. 2, design principleA) comfortable sex principle This plan air conditioning is designed, contented user is like temperature, humidity, cleanness to spend to air quality, pure and fresh spent requirement: Conduit the means sending wind that air conditioning uses small difference in temperature, large wind force in the center of type door type, its send the comfortable temperature of wind temperature and human body perfect be identical; Aircrew uses unique reduce expenditure design and control software, can make adjust reach the designated position more accurately, you want a few degrees a few degrees, the instruction of air conditioning adjusts temperature and adjust actually temperature error is very small; The defrost that Tsinghua just used proper motion to consider together and wins national patent designs a technology (double throttle design, heating power bypass) , pressure of the system when defrost and room temperature do not have wave motion almost, and the hidden trouble that still put an end to the water that change frost to freeze; Conduit in the center of type door type the country of noise index classics of air conditioning detects about the branch greatly under national relative standard, build more halcyon life space for you. B) dependability principle Choose Tsinghua to be the same as square a type central air conditioning, ensure equipment failure free operation; Use the advanced data that installs craft and high quality, ensure the project installs quality; Lead plane is controlled by microcomputer, indoors achievable full operation, the operation is handy; The system moves reliable, maintain quantity minimum; C) managing sex principle It is to be below the premise of effect of contented air conditioning, undertake to the system optimization is designed; 2 be highest performance/price ratio is achieved on the type selecting of equipment material; 3 it is to adopt energy-saving measure, reduce moving cost; Additionally the system can do automation to move according to actual negative charge, managing the sources of energy reachs moving charge; Will offer cold heating charge of electricity of direct translate into, switch on the mobile phone plan cost, do not switch on the mobile phone criterion not plan cost, collect fees intuitionistic, reasonable. D) high-grade and beautiful principle Each system of central air conditioning needs a type only a lead plane, beautiful appearance design has room peripheral as perfect as building environment union, build a sweeter, more natural environment; Indoor extreme installation uses means of horizontal dark outfit, extremely appropriate cooperate indoor decorate, suit especially high-grade decorate.

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