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Land source hot pump reachs his to boiler replace

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Summary: As the sources of energy nervous with each passing day, of land source hot pump research and the attention that application can cause government and user more. Source of article on the spot heats up pump to make simple introduction, the problem that exists in applying actually to its and the feasibility that replace to boiler undertake discussing.

Keyword: Land source heats up pump boiler to replace

1 foreword
As global the sources of energy nervous with each passing day, energy-saving fall cost demand is increasingly pressing. Express the 1 list that can use energy measure to reach use fixed number of year for the earth, visible mankind energy conservation is the crucial factor that matters to the mankind to be able to develop continuously. Energy-saving fall bad news, just cannot stay in the government to the government is publicized and be advocated on, policy and code are the best method that solves this problem probably.

Express 1 earth to be able to use remarks of natural gas of oil of coal of project of sort of statistic of the sources of energy
Total reserve 100 million T 301000 of seven hundred and sixty-nine billion one hundred and eighty million T 105.2 100 million M3 end 96 years in December
Can extract measure 310 billion T 53 100 million M3 of 100 million T 181000 estimate a value
Already extracted the quantity makes an appointment with 12 billion T to make an appointment with 1.513 billion T to make an appointment with 510 billion M3 not accurate data
Surplus of average per capita 212 (T/p) 2.7 (T/p) 12929 M3/p
Average per capita year bad news measures 0.67 (T/p.y) 0.063 (T/p.y) 18 M3/p.y 96 year bad news coal of 1.26 billion tons of standards
Can use year of number 316 (Y) 43 (Y) 718 (Y)
Can delay to a particular year 2312 2039 2714

Floor world system moves specific power consumption daily in, air conditioning, warm oneself the system has half of country. How to reduce the sources of energy to use up, reduce cost of floor space operation, it is country and the main job that the project designs staff and one of tasks. Basically begin to solve floor space division to be able to fall from two respects at present the problem of bad news:

Develop as good as use heat proof quality new-style housing materials, decrease safeguard a structure to conduct heat, be like: Lie between popular window structure, body of wall of environmental protection heat insolation, this is the building that ministry of our country construction supports to the utmost and popularizes one of energy-saving methods.
Raise the sources of energy to use efficiency integratedly, strengthen energy to reclaim use (make full use of useless heat, useless cold, raise efficiency of WECS to wait) technical development, it is energy-saving fall the significant breakthrough link of bad news.
Land source hot pump is one kind uses resource of subterranean shallow-layer terrestrial heat (also weigh the ground can, include groundwater, soil or surface water) already but heat addition but the system of efficient and energy-saving air conditioning of refrigeration. Land source hot pump uses the land can all the year round the character with stable temperature, winter can regard the heat source of hot pump heating as the ground, the summer can regard the Leng Yuan of air conditioning as the ground; Take the heat energy with the can medium ground of temperature of prep above environment in winter namely supply is indoor heating, the summer takes indoor heat energy release the ground under environmental temperature can medium.
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