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National great theater warms an air conditioning plan and energy-saving measure

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Summary: Introduced air conditioning of project of national great theater ventilated system program. The Wen Jiang that shows heat and principle of latent heat exchange, cooling water to change along with temperature of the wet ball outdoor with the airy outdoor to cooling tower, and the hot trade situation of indoor air and indoor and cooling coil has the area inside winter analysis, conclude use at the design. Use law of cold bear coefficient and DeSTII software to undertake air conditioning bear is calculated, undertake contrast as a result to two kinds of computation. Use CFD technology to be calculated to imitate of field of typical area temperature.

Keyword: Computation of bear of refrigeration of tower of refrigeration of national great theater is warm connect air conditioning

Project of national great theater is located in hall of congress of Chang'an Street people on the west side (see a picture 1) , those who use is France the design program of well-known architect Andrew, finish building and structure, Electromechanical respectively by French ADP company and SETIC company initial design, beijing building designs an academy to complete construction graph design.

Theater part floor area is 150 thousand square metre about, subterranean garage area makes an appointment with 45 thousand square metre.
The area includes 3 a lunar month of 30 days to build entity in: Opern (O area) , Thespian field (T area) , odeum (C area) , under the circular housing that all is in titanium alloy and glass, common communal hall is between the theater, underground sets the technology of equipment computer room and each theater to wait with the room. In the area is surrounding all round rotunda artificial lake, the audience enters communal hall through the passageway below artificial lake. Between rotunda and artificial lake - 12.00m mark altitude set channel of the fire control outdoor (F area) , elevation is set to be on the passageway - 3.08 M and - 7.00 M two personnel is scattered crossover.
Boreal area (N area) for main underwater the entrance connects corridor, shop and garage below artificial lake.
Artificial lake leaves the area south S1-S3 area is south entrance underwater is connected corridor, muti_function dining-room of hall, worker. Heating power and refrigeration computer room are set in subterranean S4 area, subterranean S5 area sets computer room of smoke evacuation of total platoon wind and waste gas flue gas to always be exported.

1 cold heat source reachs tube-shaped part of air conditioning water system
1.1 general situation
If all of air conditioning water system pursues 2 with the graph 3.
Dosage of cold heat source of national great theater and facilities alternative are as follows:
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