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International of the 2nd Shanxi is energy-saving technology of heating heat addi

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Showpiece time: 2008-9-26 comes 2008-9-28

Application ends: 2009-1-1


Establish time:

Exhibit meeting object: Businessman

Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting

Exhibit meeting area:

Specific address: Street of the core austral Taiyuan city edifice of business affairs of 29 gold apple 7003 rooms

Showpiece industry:

Ginseng extend range: A. Technology of heating heat addition and equipment B. Control of automation of heating room system and C of equipment of form a complete set. Big, medium, small heat addition (cold) D of central air conditioning. Domain of energy-saving heating heat addition

Sponsor square:

Shanxi province builds science and technology to popularize as energy-saving as the building superintendency center

Undertake square:

Taiyuan city Jun Jie shows service limited company

Assist do square:

Each city builds Shanxi bureau (build appoint) reach relevant bureau

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