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2008 China (Qingdao) technology of building of international green intelligence

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Showpiece time: 2008-9-19 comes 2008-9-21

Application ends: 2008-9-10



Exhibit meeting object: The public

Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting

Exhibit meeting area:

Specific address: Qingdao international exhibition center

Showpiece industry:

Ginseng extend range: 1.Warm an air conditioning and hot pump system 2. Household digitlizes a system 3. How to defend a system 4. Product of building form a complete set 5. Green building technology and product 6. The building plans to design, the project seeks advice, build construction, technology and the achievement such as property management

Sponsor square:

Group of trade of cable of daily of natural resources of land of city of bureau of program of city of committee of Qingdao city construction, Qingdao, Qingdao and building management board, Qingdao, Qingdao lives make conference organizing committee

Undertake square:

Shandong saves Ouyameihui to discuss city of exhibition limited company, Qingdao to build intelligence to convert guild

Assist do square:

Society of association of Qingdao city real estate association, Qingdao city bldg. , Qingdao city is communal and safe be on guard city of guild, Qingdao union of trade of town of Fire Protection Association, Qingdao
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