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2008 China (Shanghai) international is indoor exhibition of heating room system<

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Showpiece time: 2008-8-19 comes 2008-8-22

Application ends: 2008-8-10


Establish time:

Exhibit meeting object: The public

Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting

Exhibit meeting area:

Specific address: Shanghai new international reads extensively center

Showpiece industry:

Ginseng extend range: Heat source reachs new wind system: Boiler product: Furnace of hanging of boiler of fuel gas fired boiler, electric heat, steam boiler, hot water boiler, special type boiler, burner, bedroom (burn gas, electricity) boiler of coal fired of heating furnace, environmental protection; The new-style heating system such as heat addition of heating of floor of all of heating of floor radiate, infrared ray, calorific cable heating, water system, superconductive heating, solar energy; System of central heating of heater of gas of various radiator, heat exchange, radiator, air, report, hot pump, ground is warm the net; Environmental protection of room of system of central new wind, labour is energy-saving air conditioning; Swim water heater of equipment of pool sauna heat addition, report, water heater burning gas; Heat up pump water heater: Aircrew of hot water of water heater of water heater of hot pump of water heater of hot pump of source of water heater of water heater of air source hot pump, fountainhead hot pump, land, air conditioning, air heat energy, hot pump; Harbour can be equipment of form report heating, hot cable of film of pump system, electric heat, electric heat board, terrestrial heat; Product of form a complete set:

Sponsor square:

Contemporary international of Shanghai of group of rich of branch of heating of guild of guild of Shanghai housing materials, Shanghai housing materials, world shows limited company
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