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Chinese refrigeration was exhibited the 20th 2009

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Showpiece time: 2009-4-5 comes 2009-4-7

Application ends: 2009-4-1


Establish time: 1987

Exhibit meeting object: The public

Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting

Exhibit meeting area:

Specific address: Guangzhou Pa continent exhibit a house

Showpiece industry:

Ginseng extend range: 1, refrigeration equipment 2, air conditioning equipment 3, ventilated equipment 4, heat addition equipment 5, the installation material of equipment of refrigeration and air conditioning and equipment 6, refrigeration and air conditioning reach device with the tool 7, other Sponsor square:

Chinese commerce promotes association of industry of air conditioning of refrigeration of Institute of Refrigeration of meeting Beijing branch, China, China, Guangdong to save Institute of Refrigeration

Undertake square:

Beijing international exhibits a center

Assist do square:

Exhibit meeting network address:
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