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Exposition of property of residence of international of Beijing of the 7th 2008

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Showpiece time: 2008-11-20 comes 2008-11-23

Application ends: 2008-11-3


Establish time:

Exhibit meeting object: Businessman

Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting

Exhibit meeting area: Beijing / Beijing the city zone

Specific address: Beijing exhibition (12 houses) (Xizhimen Wai Street 135)

Showpiece industry:

Ginseng extend range: Ginseng exhibit limits residence industrialization to exhibit an area integratedly (basically reveal in recent years industry of domestic and international residence grows state and trends, publicize residential industrialization and the energy-saving environmental protection that save the land residence energetically, conduct propaganda popularizes the residence meaning of material of ground of energy-saving, section water, section, section, environmental protection and action, reach relevant knowledge) city and can develop living community to exhibit an area continuously (the project case that reveal and introduces domestic and international model) integrated technology and ministry taste group of large house industry exhibit an area

Sponsor square:

Build a department

Undertake square: