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The 4th Deleisi water heater of China International solar energy and hot pump pr

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Showpiece time: 2008-11-8 comes 2008-11-10

Application ends: 2008-10-31

Periodic: 1 year /

Establish time: 2005

Exhibit meeting object: The public

Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited meeting

Exhibit meeting area:

Specific address: Shenzhen can exhibit a center (blessing cropland area Fu Huasan road)

Showpiece industry: Heat up pump water heater

Ginseng extend range: ◆ business uses solar energy water heater, solar energy boiler of hot water of central warm water system, solar energy hot pump, solar energy, solar energy swim thermal collector of system of heating of pool, solar energy, vacuum tube, flat thermal collector, report assists heating installation to wait; Demonstrative project of solar energy and building unifinication water heater (slope housetop type, balcony type, metope type) wait, the technology that project of solar energy hot water assembles water heater of systematic model and design program, solar energy and building photograph band, product and building materials burden; Water heater of solar energy of ◆ family expenses, electromagnetism type water heater, burn gas / fuel water heater, microwave water heater, electron is anticorrosive water heater of water heater, phone remote control, intelligence water heater, digitlization water heater, harbour is water heater of electric water heater, can prefab type, ionic hot project water heater reach water heater fittings, tropics of of all kinds controller, report, report heats, vacuum tube, insulation material, shower implement, pump of cold hot water, bath bully, room of water heater demonstrative project, shower, pipe fitting, valve; ◆ heats up pump water heater: Aircrew of hot water of water heater of hot pump of water heater of hot pump of source of water heater of water heater of air source hot pump, fountainhead hot pump, land, air conditioning, hot pump; System of ◆ microcomputer control, temperature is sensitive the fittings such as valve of cistern of the device of water heater heat preservation such as appearance of controller, control, instrument, form a complete set, pipe fitting, pump; Heat of all sorts of thermal collector product line, collect is in charge of ◆ plated film and vacuum technique, hit the water heater such as treatment of mark, cistern to manufacture a technology. ◆ is new technology of all sorts of water heater production, service, new facility, new material, new fittings.
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