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Beijing heats up the directive opinion of pump system about developing

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Hot pump system is to use microtherm heat source to undertake the new-style the sources of energy of heat addition refrigeration uses means, wait for photograph of means of refrigeration of heat addition of groovy the sources of energy to compare with use coal, gas, oil, have clean, efficient, energy-saving characteristic. Adjust measures to local conditions develops hot pump system, be helpful for optimizing structure of our city the sources of energy, promote much can complementary, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency. To promote an our city hot pump system develops in order and normative managing, offer following opinions:

One, adjust measures to local conditions, reasonable development heats up pump system
(one) the basic principle that hot pump system develops. According to our city the sources of energy development of heat addition of development strategy, city plans and reasonable development, use, the principle that protects resource, fountainhead of preferential development second birth heats up pump, source of positive development land heats up pump, modest progress underground (watch) fountainhead heats up pump, raise hot pump system to hold proportion in the place in urban heating stage by stage.
(2) the limits of hot pump system that encourages development. The our city encourages the hot pump system of development to include: Second birth fountainhead heats up pump (contain sewage, industrial waste water to wait) , land source (edaphic source) hot pump, underground (watch) fountainhead heats up pump (contain groundwater, river, laky, terrestrial heat to wait) .
2, the construction that support encourages hot pump system and operation
(one) the residence that the our city encourages building of house of the public construction such as building of workshop of the office building that build or transforms, industry, hospital, guesthouse, school, large market, business affairs and dweller and country to center construction uses hot pump system, encourage coal fired, oil fired boiler to convert hot pump system, municipal government arranges fixed assets investment every year to give support.
1. city, area (county) the commonweal sex such as office building of facilities of the school that the government invests, hospital, gardens, administration project, heating refrigeration system is first choose hot pump system, what need the arrangement in investing from municipal government fixed assets to solve.
2. is other in this city each category that builds inside area under administration looks, system of heat addition refrigeration chooses hot pump system, plan according to city appoint the floor area of check and ratify arranges one-time allowance from inside investment of this city fixed assets, accessorial standard is: Underground (watch) fountainhead heats up pump 35 yuan / square metre, land source hot pump and hot pump of second birth fountainhead 50 yuan / square metre.
(2) the heating company that uses hot pump system consults cost of heating of collection of value of heating of boiler of our city clean the sources of energy, particular value by each area (county) the price is in charge of sectional check and ratify.
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