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Project of energy-saving technical reformation can win central finance award

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Construction of economy of Ministry of finance manages vice director Ceng Xiaoan will say on July 8, basis " fund of award of finance of energy-saving technical reformation runs temporary measure " , the project of energy-saving technical reformation that energy-saving capacity achieves above of coal of 10 thousand tons of standard can obtain the financial central to reward.

Ceng Xiaoan is accepting Chinese government net say when online interview, central finance makes clear the project of energy-saving technical reformation that achieves above of coal of 10 thousand tons of standard to energy-saving capacity to give award, those who reward limits to include a country to decide " 915 " 10 big focal points are energy-saving the boiler of coal fired industry in the project (kiln furnace) transform, Yu Reyu is pressed use, managing and replace system of oil, electric machinery energy-saving optimize with energy system wait for a project. Annual the Ministry of finance jointly with hair change appoint project of print and distribute declares a guideline.

Ceng Xiaoan says, rewarding the forehead to spend is a basis energy-saving capacity and promotive standard computation are affirmatory. Every are managing coal of 1 ton of standards, area of the eastpart part rewards 200 yuan, center-west region rewards 250 yuan. Energy-saving capacity is reported by the enterprise, the section energy that promotive fund declares by the enterprise first dials 60%% beforehand, orgnaization examine and verify is entrusted to affirm by the Ministry of finance with complete hind before the project is carried out, the real division energy that affirms according to examine and verify liquidates appropriate reward capital.

Ceng Xiaoan says, the basis has idea, central finance is opposite only at present the project in above of coal of 10 thousand tons of standard gives section energy award. Be in to energy-saving capacity 10 thousand tons of the following project, some places also take out one share capital to have money reward now, the Ministry of finance also expresses to support to this. He expresses, will tell from national level, to this kind of project of a few province, the Ministry of finance is understanding a situation, do further research.

Data of Ministry of finance shows, 2007, central finance supported project of 546 energy-saving technical reformation in all, after predicting project is finishing, can realize energy-saving capacity coal of 20.31 million tons of standard. Dialed 2.8 billion yuan of finance to reward capital beforehand 2007.

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