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Land natural resources manages this year: Firm land adjusting control is superin

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Ministry of land natural resources was announced a few days ago " land natural resources ran working point 2008 " . Among them, firm land adjusting control and superintending is one of working keys. Other job point includes: Accelerate compose to establish the new mechanism that ensures scientific progress; Consolidate consolidate normative gain, resource of stimulative mineral products adds up to sleave hair to use; Cogent strengthen geological job, come true hard seek ore deposit major breakthrough; Advance fundamental grass-roots unit to build energetically, enhance ability of the safeguard that prop up ceaselessly; Solid do very marine job and mapping work, improve management and service in the round level and strengthen cadre team construction and Lianzheng to build.

In land adjusting control and administrative field, ministry of land natural resources began 100 days to investigate the operation last year. Examine on the spot in area, typical to rectifying and reform a key case what after selectiving examination randomly, refer is survey, overall evaluate a report to show, the key area that chooses by ministry of land natural resources rectifies and reform the job solid. 12 keys rectify and reform area put on record 517, entire already end a case; 37 typical cases already had 28 processing to reach the designated position basically. The 46 keys area that each province, area, city chooses, 27 keys area already rectified and reform the job for the most part reach the designated position or reach the designated position basically. The typical case that each province, area, city chooses is most already end a case is carried out reach the designated position, minority was not handled reach the designated position or not end a case. Up to on March 20, in 276 typical cases that choose in each province, area, city, 250 already made the duty that administration punishs a decision and investigates concerned personnel, already end a case 215. Current, each province, area, city " did not approve use first " violate the project that use the land, correct except proper motion beyond, basic and overall put on record

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