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Housing and ministry of urban and rural construction come on stage " civil build

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To advance heat addition further metric reform, strengthen civil building heat addition metric management, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction allotted a few days ago " civil building heat addition is metric administrative measure " , to building a structure, have architectural heat addition already metric design is transformed, move to collect fees and superintend punishment to make specific provision respectively.

According to the requirement of this method, build orgnaization of graph of architectural design, careful to all need to carry out national relevant specification strictly, if construction unit cannot be referred include heat addition the file of construction graph design of metric content examines eligible proof, will not issue construction license. Inspect manage unit ought to is opposite according to project standard metric project carries out heat addition inspect manages; Construction project quality supervises what the orgnaization ought to enhance quality of construction of metric to heat addition engineering; When construction unit is organizing complete to check and accept, should include heat addition metric project content; When estate develops an enterprise to use the building that centers heat addition in the sale, need records heat addition of building of bright place carry out in building business contract, guarantee of quality and operation instruction handbook the concerned information such as metric measure, be in charge of to its authenticity, accuracy.

Metric to having architectural heat addition already transform, this method asks, undertaking to building palisade structure energy-saving when transforming, must synchronism undertakes heat addition metric transform. Accord with a country to build the structure of energy-saving standard to palisade structure, should undertake heat addition system is heated up metric transform, the establishment heat addition such as station of heat source, hot net, heating power is metric transform also answer synchronism undertakes. Heat addition unit ought to increase heat addition system energy-saving transform strength, wait to have a system according to the requirement with metric heat addition to station of net of heat addition canal, heating power energy-saving with heat addition metric transform, achieve heat addition system energy-saving effect.

This method points out, heat addition unit should do good the sources of energy to use up statistical job lawfully, ensure statistical data is true, complete; The energy utilization rate that ought to build index of specific power consumption of time, configuration, design and heat addition system according to urban architectural, use up to each unit the sources of energy undertake superintendency, undertake assessing to chief of heat addition unit. In addition, branch of heat addition director ought to coach work up of heat addition unit " metric census register heats up heat addition expenses management system " , establish the user individual account that includes an user to heat up the basic message such as allowance of cost, worker, housing archives, heat of implementation individual account expends network management.
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