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Heating of Shenyang city town runs way

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General principles of  of the first chapter
 of the 2nd chapter plans and build management
Business of heating of  of the 3rd chapter and establishment manage
Heating of  of the 4th chapter collects fees management
Heating of  of the 5th chapter runs government
Responsibility of law of  of the 6th chapter
Supplementary articles of  of the 7th chapter
General principles of  of the first chapter
  the first  manages to strengthen urban heating, environment of managing the sources of energy, protection, improve dweller life quality, according to the country concerned law, code sets, combinative our city is virtual, make this way.
This method of the 2nd  applies to   inside area of our city administration civil or with civil the pyroelectricity couplet that give priority to is produced, industrial beyond heat, area concentration offers warm and dispersive heating to manage.
Heating of city of the 3rd  executes   uniform policy, the principle of district government.
  the administration department that management board of house property of city of the 4th  is heating of our city city, be in charge of the survey of urban heating policy making, information is collected, coordinate a service, supervisory examination works.
  each area, county (city) people government is in charge of the urban heating inside this area under administration supervising the work, the harmonious, problem that solves existence of work of the heating inside this area under administration; Be in charge of fulfilling urban heating to plan to mix of bail of this class city heating return collect and use job.
  municipal government each are relevant branch should according to respective duty, the government that cooperates each district government to do good city heating jointly works.
 of the 2nd chapter plans and build management
  program of heating of city of the 5th  is in charge of a branch to weave jointly with concerned branch by city heating administration, by each district government the organization is carried out.
Project of heating of the 6th  must accord with   urban heating program. Every is built, rebuild, extend heating project, and involve hot user to pick net, couplet net, need by with heat or development construction unit the newspaper is in area heating to run office first trial, by city heating government office examines approval rear can carry out.
Couplet of pyroelectricity of the 7th  produces   , heat addition of area boiler room and build should use concentration uptown, public construction heat addition, do not get house of reconstructive and dispersive boiler, introduce dispersive heat addition. To having those who introduce dispersive heat addition, should in a planned way, net of couplet of measure ground within a definite time is transformed.
  builds the residence to must execute cent door heating; Progressively implementation presses hot metric heating.
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