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Shijiazhuang will popularize land source to heat up the technology of new energy

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According to " Shijiazhuang daily " report: The Shijiazhuang city that will hold on April 29 builds energy-saving job conference to go up, leader speech says related Shijiazhuang city: Shijiazhuang city will be strengthened 2008 build a structure energy-saving supervisory management, ground of big thrust wide solar energy, shallow-layer can, sewage source hot pump but second birth the sources of energy is in the building unifinication application, requirement Shijiazhuang urban district builds energy-saving level executive ratio to achieve 100% ; County (city) the area builds energy-saving level executive ratio to achieve 95% above. Build public construction to be carried out strictly energy-saving the building standard of 50% , public construction is energy-saving standard executive ratio is achieved 100% .

Bureau of Shijiazhuang city construction expresses about chief, begin from last year, shijiazhuang city advances ground of solar energy, shallow-layer actively can, sewage source hot pump but the application of second birth the sources of energy in the building. Among them, always use the land in the program 600 mus, the An Yuan village of 520 thousand square metre will use total floor area technology of sewage source hot pump offers winter heating, at present this one project already was in number home to participate in the participation Tuo Ying in the unit to obtain by limited company of engineering of environment of Heibei benefit many energy resources (this one project uses it is reported Sino-US and joint-stock Yantai pauses the source of sewage of whole sealing type that industrial limited company produces Hanbushen, heibei will be become to save bldg. new technology to use demonstrative project after building.

In addition, shijiazhuang city still is in the bridge east sewage treatment plant uses sewage source to heat up pump technology, wait to the office building of the unit and lone dormitory building undertake heating; Xin Jifang China wait for a village to use project of heating of the heat of the earth's interior to be approved to be a country by construction ministry, Ministry of finance but building of second birth the sources of energy uses demonstrative project; Village of Dong Yuan of Jin Zhoubin river, heat up refrigeration of heating of pump system new technology with source of land of the type that bury a canal, move through 2 heating period, the result is favorable, energy-saving and remarkable.

According to introducing, shijiazhuang city will popularize ground of solar energy, shallow-layer energetically in whole town this year can, sewage source heats up pump (Shijiazhuang city was promotion early to use land source to heat up pump technology to had published relevant document 2007 -- detailed sees accessory) wait can second birth the sources of energy. Requirement small high level and the hot water such as the following living building and hospital, school, restaurant, swimming-pool, communal bathroom use up large family to want to use solar energy to centralize warm water system, have unifinication design, setup; The civil building that has a requirement should use fountainhead of edaphic source, shallow-layer and sewage source actively to wait for refrigeration of heat addition of hot pump technology; Living building stair well and civil architectural court should use illume of technology of solar energy smooth hot season actively.
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