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The developed country builds energy-saving policy analysis

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The building is energy-saving it is to point to the design in the building, in build and using a process, the standard with executive energy-saving building and policy, use energy-saving model building materials, appliance and product, improve performance of the heat preservation heat proof quality of the building and airtight, rise warm, the moving efficiency of air conditioning system, use up in order to reduce the sources of energy. In recent years, our country building is energy-saving also as can produce the development with consumption to move toward practice to set an example ceaselessly from the concept continuously, become our country government to build resource managing model the significant move with environment society. But because our country building is energy-saving,start later, and at present our country is in industrialization and town to change rapid development level, because this building is energy-saving,facing enormous challenge. For this, our country should be in draw lessons from international experience foundation to go up, be perfected further and perfect our country builds energy-saving policy system, advance our country to build energy-saving development in the round.

One, the common characteristic that the developed country builds energy-saving policy

Developed country from 1973 begin to value a building when energy crisis energy-saving, through 30 old effort, build specific power consumption of construction unit area to had reduced original 1/3 ~ 1/5, among them the action result of energy-saving policy cannot be done not have. Although each country makes the jumping-off place of energy-saving policy differ, but adopted energy-saving policy step roughly but reduce is nodded the following times jointly.

1, build perfect structure energy-saving management system

Managing the sources of energy is a of Germany basic national policy all the time. Energy-saving with but second birth the sources of energy is used, confederative level is in charge of by environmental ministry, push a building for development energy-saving, be built by confederative traffic and housing department, environment ministry and KFW bank are collective and contributive established office of German the sources of energy (DENA) . Take seriously in the height of various government and drive below, the multibarrel such as technology, policy, code falls together, formed stage by stage " main body of governmental dominant, market, whole society is participated in " favorable situation.

2, pay attention to a building energy-saving legislation

A lot of countries made energy-saving way not only, made a series of structures technically still the legal file such as energy-saving code, standard. The United States 1978 with respect to formulate " energy policy law " , germany carried out become effective 1976 " about new structure energy-saving law " ; And the structure that Japan makes is energy-saving owner of law requirement building can undertake energy-saving applying independently, set with " hot loss efficiency " the standard that regards judgement building as energy-saving sex.
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