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Center of natural resources of water of Tianjin city hydrology adopts 6 measure

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Come day after day, center of natural resources of water of Tianjin city hydrology learns bureau of city irrigation works Director Zhu Fang clear to indicate spirit seriously, consider and put forward to do good groundwater resource to manage 6 of the job concrete step, it is a foundation in order to straighten system, gross control is grasper, exert oneself boosts groundwater resource lawfully management, science management, standard management.

It is to straighten resource of area county groundwater to run system. In the light of eye forehead partition prefectural groundwater resource manages system orgnaization to overlap, bull management, the circumstance such as function across, put forward to want to improve level of management further, straighten action of relation, centralized management, clear responsibility, play, produce the function effect of management department of area county groundwater adequately.

2 it is to increase groundwater resource to manage assessment strength. Restore groundwater special assessment, include whole town irrigation works the serious content of assessment its; In actual effect of the do one's best on assessment method, drive the groundwater that builds bureau of be good at city and area county bureau to ban collect, be restricted to collect responsibility to sign a mechanism, undertake a bulletin to assessing a result.

3 it is to strengthen Training Within Industry and standard management. Continue to organize motor-pumped well management, groundwater to monitor, " standard of motor-pumped well technology " the special technology such as announce be linked together grooms; Popularize in various groundwater management department " license extraction water runs a system " , for area county groundwater management job offers a technology to support kimono Wu, standard whole town takes water to permit management.

4 it is strict control of gross of whole town groundwater. Stimulative agriculture is cultivated structural adjustment and irrigate manner change, dig latent capacity of agricultural section water greatly; Establish the devoted mechanism of city and union of photograph of area county capital, increase Feng Jing pressing is collected and water supply establishment transforms strength, enlarge surface water to guarantee range; The serious content that drives a groundwater gross actively to control index assessment to label city bureau to be assessed to area county bureau.

5 it is to begin groundwater to answer fill technology research. Retain rain flood is begun to answer filling groundwater in conditional area; Begin the artificial groundwater that answer fill, control ground sedimentations technical research.

6 it is to strengthenLand source heats up pumpManagement. From legal laws and regulations source of respect aggrandizement land heats up pump management, heat up pump system to run a circumstance to undertake checking supervisory to land source regularly, source of strict control land heats up pump project development.
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