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Special allowance informs project of hot pump of Heibei land source

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Manson classics [200 7]12 date Stimulative bureau of economy of Shijiazhuang city industry About declaring2007Year power demand side manages a project Announcement Each county (city) , region industry stimulative bureau, about the branch, about the unit: Change according to province hair appoint, the provision that omits finance hall to supervise the work about strengthening power demand side further, continue to saving project of cable of section of focal point of share of the choice inside limits to buy completely this year use finance method of special fund allowance. Include province finance plan of special fund allowance to make the our city has more section cable projects, inform concerned item as follows now: One, declare limits The section cable project that complete province popularizes mainly if: Harbour ice, accumulation of heat, ground can heat up pump and technology of fountainhead hot pump; Technology of cable of frequency control section; Harmonic administers a technology; Technology of efficient section cable and equipment; Green illume product, all can enjoy province finance policy of special fund allowance. Any units have afore-mentioned section cable projects to all can be declared, anounce a project must in those days project approving, in those days complete, get effective in those days. If the project already included province finance plan of special fund allowance, but be not fulfilled because of capital or other reason fails in those days of complete, uniform henceforth cancel project of cable of this unit division to declare a qualification. 2, declare a process Directly under of province affiliated to a ministry, city is enterprise or business the content that the unit can study the feasibility of the project to report and accessory place ask directly reports stimulative bureau of city industry economy (electric power is in) . Each county (city) , the area is belonged to enterprise or business the content that the unit studies the feasibility of the project to report and accessory place ask reports local industry to promote bureau and Bureau of Finance, after by local industry stimulative bureau, Bureau of Finance is chosen, city industry economy will report for duty to promote on priority discipline bureau. My bureau chooses first trial strictly to concern a project according to concerned regulation jointly with city Bureau of Finance, report for duty the project that accords with a condition province hair changes appoint, province finance hall, application includes a province power demand side administered project plan 2007. Those who include a plan is enterprise or business after the unit waits for a project to detect, will enjoy section report allowance of finance of 1 kilowatt province 1700 yuan favourable policy. Harbour ice, accumulation of heat, ground can heat up pumpReach fountainhead to heat up pump project to divide outside enjoying special fund allowance, still can enjoy trough period of time to use policy of electrovalency case privilege at the same time (trough period of time uses electrovalency standard is the 0.4 times) that makes the same score paragraph of period of time to use electrovalency standard. Of these project electrovalency policy declare a process, still promote bureau of bureau, Shijiazhuang city price according to economy of Shijiazhuang city industry " about Shijiazhuang of print and distribute project of double harbour of city electric power is declared reach the announcement that checks and accept administrative measure " (manson classics [2006]179 date) carry out. Ask departmental door, each unit in March 2007 before the bottom, declare what draft a project in those days material (one type triplet) stimulative bureau of economy of Shijiazhuang city industry signs up for after asking to had been filled by accessory (electric power is in) . Connect a telephone call: 86688784, 86688748. Accessory: Project of administration of power demand side declared Shijiazhuang city 2007 express 2 OO7 year Shijiazhuang city industry economy was promoted on January 18 bureau
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