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Comparative bicycle, see the mountain fastness period of the mobile phone

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After mountain fastness mobile phone passes the conduct propaganda of media, about the same notorious. The mobile phone of the Hua Jiang north of media appearance Shenzhen resembles Chinese cabbage selling euqally. A lot of people are frightened by mountain fastness machine, threaten hits as one falls, somebody the charges in an indictment of machine of enumerate mountain fastness, it is difficult book of bamboo of strong and pervasive fragrance really, return somebody to say to want to find out couplet to send the responsibility of the division actually. What kind of influence does mountain fastness opportunity bring to the mobile phone after all? With Shi Weijian, can know to promote decline. The development road additionally one kind of product and at present the case of the mobile phone makes contrast, can offer a bit train of thought probably. What we will contrast is -- bicycle.

Bicycle of at first sight and hand mechanism are, can say 8 pole are hit do not wear. Does that make a mobile telephone by bicycle? Ah, this and doing push-up to make sauce about the same, pure belong to irresponsible. Do not cross a thinking diverge a bit, the collective place that can find is true still many:

They are current the most commonly used commodity, almost everybody has 9, once had had at least;

They walk along associate rare article arrives by the side of the street the road of Chinese cabbage;

Their production has certain technical threshold, and the elapse as time, this kind of doorsill is more and more negligible;

Their product is simple nowadays quantity worse and worse;

Still have a bit, they often are looked to go up and be taken away by thief.

At the outset bicycle and at the outset the mobile phone is about the same, can everybody can be not had. That moment has each drive a vehicle is very dragged issue, encounter passerby, that small bell shakes times noisy. The person that has a mobile phone before a few years more very much also such, hand-hold portable telephone is not taken shake a few times more in the hand, do not show the status that gives an employer comes. Successor person has a bike, almost very few also now somebody still does not have a mobile phone.

Of bicycle and mobile phone gaining ground is them the result that respective industry grows. Also company of informal where home did not get the bicycle calculates previously with respect to production. The manufacturer that produces bicycle fittings also is done not have now so much. The bicycle also has a sign in those days, phoenix, permanent be people love most, famous brand bicycle, quality has been believed. And the mobile phone 78 years ago also is such, domestic brand just started, motor is mulish pull and move chicken duck is the most welcome mobile phone, quality is really good also, my 8210 still can use to now actually, also have so that went all out with permanent card.

Industry grew later, the business that produces a bicycle became much rise, also more and more people had free car. The sort of the bicycle also becomes much, light car, gearshift car, country car, highway car is waited a moment. With respect to the mobile phone before resembling 45 years, a lot of more card of kind of home made product, people had more choices, and the function of the mobile phone also has change, for instance musical mobile phone, take a picture mobile phone, PDA mobile phone.
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