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The United States develops ground heat energy actively

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Volcano erupts can cause monstrous disaster, but in expert eye, reasonable use volcanic energy to also can make human benefit bandit shallow. American energy expert says 25 days, the volcano of American churchyard and hot spring accumulate contained energy, can satisfy the 25 % of American energy demand.

Face price of the sources of energy all the way violent wind rises, england " daily telecommunications signs up for " the word report of official of Alaska of United States of 26 days of cite, the Alaska will begin to develop the volcanic the sources of energy of Honshu churchyard, the development of volcanic the sources of energy will be built

Blessing by tens of thousands family.

Alaska oil and orgnaization of natural gas development prepare resource of Jiang Sipo's volcanic the heat of the earth's interior to extract authority rents. Altitude of Si Po volcano is 3374 meters about, erupting recently is 1992. Oil and official of orgnaization of natural gas development show, what exploitation of terrestrial heat of Si Po volcano counterpoises is rental will undertake August. After this, his A people the Augustine that still considers to rent altitude is 1260 meters is volcanic exploitation of the heat of the earth's interior counterpoises.

Upsurge continuously as price of the sources of energy, people is anxious to grow day and day to what energy security, climate changes, the sources of energy of the heat of the earth's interior also more and more be paid close attention to, this also was aroused new exploitation of heat energy of round of ground is hot.

The expert thinks, development of ground heat energy still is in the United States now start level, and the 25 % that the ground heat energy of contain of underground of American each city will satisfy requirement of American the sources of energy.

American land management board is right the United States western after 11 cities and Alaska undertake making an on-the-spot investigation, think these cities " have rich but resource of second birth terrestrial heat. " inspect a result to make clear, about 80. The public land contain of kilometer of 90 thousand square has resource of the heat of the earth's interior.

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