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Lanzhou to harness geothermal energy geothermal heat pump market is huge

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In the November 6, held in Lanzhou City of shallow geothermal resources investigation report review meeting, refrigeration Express reporter was informed, after more than two years to the relevant departments, Lanzhou, shallow geothermal energy proved rich in resources, large reserves, and widely distributed, the temperature stability. If fully exploited, can meet the building area of Lanzhou City, 90% of the heating, will also become available in Lanzhou City, the new energy. Shallow geothermal resources can be achieved is a resource recycling, and environmentally clean energy without any pollution. This new energy has been widely used at home and abroad. Will be an energy revolution "Lanzhou City investigation and evaluation of shallow geothermal energy resources," project started in July 2008 compared with the relevant requirements of Ministry of Land and a full 7 months earlier. Lanzhou City Land Resources Bureau, said head, Lanzhou City, rely mainly on coal, electricity, gas for heating, high energy consumption, heavy pollution in Lanzhou if we can figure out the distribution of shallow geothermal energy and reserves, and its development use, will save coal, electricity, gas consumption, energy saving for the completion of the task in Lanzhou to lay a solid foundation. To this end, Lanzhou City Land Resources Bureau in July 2008 survey commissioned by the development of Gansu Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of the second shallow geothermal resources in Lanzhou investigate the situation. "Shallow geothermal energy at home and abroad has been widely used in Europe, America already has a very mature technology, if to be here in Lanzhou on the basis of the depth of development, extensive use will be in Lanzhou, heating, refrigeration set off a revolution. "Dingzu all said. Lanzhou underground "energy" flowing So, what is it shallow geothermal energy? Shallow geothermal energy and how to achieve heating and cooling it? Lanzhou has been proven shallow geothermal energy is what situation? This reporter talked to survey the development of Gansu Province Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources Engineer II Tianwan Sheng. Tianwan Sheng the Lanzhou City of shallow geothermal energy resources survey project leader, told reporters that the so-called geothermal resources is the human economy can develop and utilize geothermal energy, geothermal fluids and useful component. The so-called shallow geothermal energy is within a certain depth below the surface (usually with a constant temperature to 200 meters depth), the temperature below 25 degrees Celsius, in the current technical and economic conditions have a development value of the energy resources of the Earth's interior. Shallow geothermal energy and heat pump technology, through a principle of condensation and evaporation to give the building heating and cooling, due to shallow geothermal energy is heat from the Earth's interior and a small amount of solar radiation, both energy relative to the human history, is exactly the resources can be recycled, when in use can not only play the role of energy and resources is absolutely green. "After our initial investigation, the current Xigu District of Lanzhou, Anning District, Chengguan District and the region has Qilihe the distribution of shallow geothermal resources, and the broader region, after a preliminary evaluation calculation, Lanzhou City of shallow geothermal energy static 13,582,300 tons of standard coal equivalent amount of resources, natural resources equivalent to 2.532 million tons of standard coal, the amount of available resources, 688,400 tons of standard coal equivalent. can say, shallow geothermal resources are widely distributed in Lanzhou, huge reserves, can be used value is very high. "Tianwan Sheng said excitedly. Three heating and cooling costs can be saved into It is understood that the heating of Lanzhou City total area of 61,990,000 square meters, of which coal-fired heating area of 49.39 million square meters, cogeneration, heating area of 9,550,000 square meters, natural gas, heating area of 3,050,000 square meters. Boiler room 1036 in the book. "Conservative projections, only coal-fired heating to be about 100 million tons of standard coal, the boiler at least every heating season, respectively, to the city over 240 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions of pollutants, dust, 10,000 tons, 17 million tons of sulfur dioxide gas, which emissions of harmful substances to people's lives a direct hazard. So, promote the use of shallow geothermal energy-saving environmental protection will have very far-reaching significance. "Tianwan Sheng said. He told reporters, using ground-source heat pump heating, heating season will be to achieve zero discharge of pollutants in urban areas, will create the Blue Sky Project of Lanzhou City to provide new ideas and new means. Since the development and utilization of shallow geothermal energy resources have so far-reaching significance, then, is what factors restrict it in Lanzhou development? Tianwan Sheng told reporters, mainly because the initial investment is large, many people's awareness of the traditional focus on large dependence on heating pipe network in the management, inadequate supervision of the industry, technical control is lax and so caused. "Despite the investment per square meter is about 100-200 yuan, but also to meet the heating and cooling than the gas boiler and air conditioning systems can reduce 20% -30% of the costs." Tianwan Sheng said. Taste the sweetness of a number of large sites have been Shallow geothermal energy proved in Lanzhou, so that some far-sighted commercial, residential quarters and other taste of this "new energy" of the sweetness. It is understood, of shallow geothermal energy resources on the application area has more than 6000 square meters. Ground source heat pump technology as the country's rapid development, the province's ground source heat pump project has reached more than 30, the use of groundwater heat pump system, accounting for more than 80%, ground heat pump system 6-7 months, about 20% so. The total heating area has reached 90 million square meters. "Overall, the province's ground source heat pump projects mainly in economically developed cities and counties, including Lanzhou City to more than 40 million square meters of heating area, the province accounted for 50% of heat pump heating area in the a leading position in the province. "Tianwan Sheng said. He told reporters on Lanzhou City, West solid, quiet, four districts Qilihe field survey, Lanzhou City has built 15 ground source heat pump project, with a total heating area of 43.1 million square meters, about Lanzhou City area accounts for 0.8% of the total heating; proposed 4, with a total area of about 21 million square meters. Shallow geothermal energy through ground source heat pump technology will become able to use new energy. Largest market for air conditioning and refrigeration experts believe that the current state of development from the point of view, ground source heat pump system is its environmentally friendly, reliable and economical advantages will be more and more enterprises and businesses to accept, from the cold source is being actively explore the use of Yellow River water and other surface water sources, Lanzhou City will be the future development and utilization of shallow geothermal ground source heat pump development and play a good role model, the outlook is more optimistic.