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On ten million stage 45 class can effect bans carry out than air conditioning ne

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Yesterday, beautiful, the air conditioning manufacturer such as tall, SamSung, Toshiba is in dragon of sea letter division, annals " Suningdi section of air conditioning of 18 whole nations " on announce, 3 air conditioning of 1 million special offer will be thrown inside week, market of the puissant busy season that start, next direct pulling the industry is average valence 20%~30% .

2005 up to now, in successive years of air conditioning price rises, go up more than 30% .

At present " go against city to depreciate " does the reason where? Fan Zhijun of Su Ning vice-president to " daily of the first finance and economics " the explanation says, "Enormous inventory pressure " it is manufacturer is willing the main reason that big range depreciates, suffer a RMB to appreciate, exit drawback decreases wait for element influence, exit of whole of near future air conditioning glides, the part exports the air conditioning brand that give priority to to face huge reserve pressure. In the meantime, national relevant document sets, 45 class can effect rises than air conditioning next year will cannot continue to sell in the market, when numerous manufacturer is eager to selling busy season to come in this summer, clear inventory, the feebleminded effect that is about to begin depreciates to resulting from this than air conditioning.

China's existing air conditioning can effect grade system begins to carry out since March 1, 2005, by can effect score is 5 grade: One class is the most energy-saving, can effect comparing is in 3.4 above; 2 class are 3.2; 3 class are 3; 4 class are 2.8; 5 class are 2.6. Alleged can effect comparing, be when showing air conditioning moves in refrigeration, of refrigerating capacity and effective power input than. National quality is supervised examine committee of management of standardization of quarantine total bureau, country issued executive national standard jointly 2004 " room air conditioner can effect demarcate value and energy efficiency grade (GB12021.3-2004) " regulation, will prohibit appearing on the market in March 2009 under the air conditioning product of 2 class index sale. But Xu Dongsheng of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese home appliance told our newspaper the reporter yesterday, this association already managed committee to refer written opinion to national standardization, proposal air conditioning can effect threshold next year is carried first to 3 (be equal to present 3 class) , in discussing at present.

This makes clear, next year 45 class can the air conditioning that effect compares will be prohibited selling, fact of this be related becomes the top of head of manufacturer of numerous air conditioning " the sword that amounts to Makelisi " , browbeating at any time the industry survives state.

According to the statistical data of net of China business affairs, stocks of the air conditioning end this year March amounts to China eleven million two hundred and ninety-eight thousand, for in recent years top level. Fan Zhijun expresses, the stocks of manufacturer of air conditioning of the China end this year April predicts to amount to 13 million above. Produce a construction by air conditioning factory, before 45 class can the scale of air conditioning production that effect compares is 80% , so at present 45 class can the air conditioning stocks that effect compares is amounted to on ten million stage.
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