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Air conditioning of center of annals high school is rolled out " the leap plans

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Controller office understands related department of trade of act of Cong Zhigao trade, air conditioning of center of annals high school " the leap plans " big move of service yearly check is in at present 7 big star markets of countrywide are rolled out in the round. In this second activity, personnel of service of technology of annals tall major makes an appointment actively user, offer to the user clean freely maintain service, explain yearly check of air conditioning system to the user, safeguard, maintain wait for knowledge. The user inside mobile area dials the whole nation to serve a hot line 95105668 make an appointment, can enjoy free yearly check and clean a service.

This controller expresses, offerring high quality product for the user merely is insufficient, still must accomplish whole journey not to have care service. Although cleaned an activity freely to raise the operation cost of the enterprise, but it satisfied an user the demand of quality of public to raising etc of working living place environment, promoted a client value, from long-term in light of, the beauty of the enterprise praise spend He Zhongcheng increased.

Air conditioning course of study is senior expert Zhang Yanbin thinks, manufacturer comes actively to clean central air conditioning for the user, mark is high it is an industry the first. It woke up the consciousness that manufacturer and user clean to central air conditioning, promoted what whole industry cleans to central air conditioning to take seriously, have the sense of milepost type undoubtedly.

Also analytic personage thinks, since 08 year, blow of air conditioning of center of annals high school " calm new bureau, leap together " bugle, lake of Nanhai, overgrown with weeds, 9 rivers draw of 3 large base new territory, "4 + 4 " the dominant position of industry new structure, plus group of powerful research and development, solid character safeguard, solid product foundation, this a series of profit are good the element upgrades in the round for what its serve laid solid foundation.