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The energy-saving air conditioning with the most arrogant market of the energy-s

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Be opposite as the country energy-saving decrease what the platoon advances to carry fast, energy-saving air conditioning will continue navigate market, become today of summerly consumer love most. Today's " opportunity " edition, we recommend the 3 old brands that sell the hotliest at present for everybody above all energy-saving air conditioning.

Beautiful day gets astral Π air conditioning
Air conditioning of Π of day getting star is current beautiful the hottest sell a product, this air conditioning is chased after since appearing on the market by last year by the market hold in both hands, particular window makes a person pay close attention to. Above all, this air conditioning is used optimize efficient refrigeration system completely, make rectify accident to turn more efficient and energy-saving, the most high-energy effect is compared be as high as 3.7, exceeded greatly at present the one level of domestic of 3.4 can effect compares a level; Secondly, peculiar " system of heat exchange of high gold plating " , introduce new generation aureate evaporator, condenser, refrigeration makes hot effect upgrade in the round; Still realized intelligent cleanness, intelligence at the same time dry, air conditioning " flavour " do not have footprint from now on, fresh air more province report; In addition, the annulus Baoding of this series fast model the product uses new generation international R410A of cold intermediary of general environmental protection, highly competitive in environmental protection air conditioning. Ad hoc " driving function " , refrigeration makes hot career one times faster than common mode, begin refrigeration (hot) when, air conditioning is automatic to the room mid send cold (hot) wind 15 minutes, cool feeling (warm feeling) preferential experience. Super- big heat is cold can accuse report to assist than be being added heat, make what air conditioning still keeps driving below microtherm environment make heat energy force. And conceal type double guide wind can control up and down stereo send wind, comfortable add times.

The sea believes 36ZBP " vessel " air conditioning of dc frequency conversion
This series is the high-end machine that Hai Xinchang sells, have 6 big conspicuous advantage: 1, the technology of vector frequency conversion with banner industry, exceed high-energy effect to compare 5.17 (26 type) , lowermost noise 25 decibel (26 machine) , lowermost refrigeration power: 250W(26 machine) . 2, digital electron expands a powerful person, accuse lukewarm arrive accurately 0.5 ℃ of ± . 3, compressor of double rotor of dc frequency conversion, efficient and energy-saving noise is low. 4, 3 temperature show industry original creation, constant temperature arrives accurately to losing 0.5 degrees. 5, intelligence feels (man-machine interaction) , comfortable constant temperature. 6, the ionic technology with banner industry purifies a function, effective purify air is polluted.

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