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Guangdong mobile air conditioning is energy-saving technical effect is distinct

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The near future, energy-saving technology undertakes air conditioning plan is proved and move in the center of Guangdong mobile innovation, obtain favorable result. With Guangzhou time multi-purpose building of Yu Fu Hua is exemple, it is 200 thousand degrees every months about with n, among them lead plane of central air conditioning (hydrous pump and cooling tower) occupy the 60% above that always use n with report with report and communication equipment, put in larger energy-saving space.

Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, guangdong moves the branch is in a Yu " frequency conversion of tower of refrigeration of central air conditioning is energy-saving technology " and " frequency conversion of water pump of central air conditioning is energy-saving technology " innovated on the foundation " lead plane of central air conditioning adds outfit board type to heat up commutative technology " . This technology is added through lead plane of centrally air conditioning install heat exchanger of one bedplate type, use " in Yu Mou of cooling water temperature when one set value is the following, connect the refrigerant water system of air conditioning system, make the cold source instead of central air conditioning natural water and need lead plane to start refrigeration no longer " principle, achieve the result with energy-saving lead plane.