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Gross of Beijing energy-saving building occupies countrywide first place

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Will build committee know from Beijing on March 21, up to by last year, beijing accumulative total builds energy-saving house 2. 4.8 billion square metre, occupy the 72 % of whole house. Accumulative total builds energy-saving structure 2. 7.5 billion square metre, occupy gross of existing and civil building 49. 93 % . The energy-saving building gross that Beijing already built and scale all occupy countrywide first place.

Build according to Beijing appoint relevant controller introduces, to achieve the energy-saving goal that decrease a platoon, beijing built a building to begin to implement energy-saving design standard in the round last year, energy-saving level executive ratio achieves 100 % basically.

Beijing was started last year have a building already energy-saving transform and large fair build energy-saving superintendency job. Beijing construction branch organizes total group concrete big board building is energy-saving transform, flycatcher restaurant is energy-saving transform wait for 18 demonstrative projects, undertake audit of the sources of energy is mixed can effect is general show pilot. The building of Beijing is energy-saving the job still includes, advance but second birth the sources of energy is used and the country builds energy-saving wall to change demonstrative job, promotion bulk cement and mix beforehand mortar works, come on stage " material of Beijing construction project uses supervisory government a certain number of regulations " , strengthen the superintendency to housing materials further.

This year the target of Beijing is, ensure finish house of town of 100 thousand square metre energy-saving transform, office of state of 2.5 million square metre and commonweal sex institution building is energy-saving transform, low cost of large and public construction transforms 8 million square metre those who mix 1200 to have farmer house already is energy-saving transform.