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Life cost does not fall to rise instead, high-tech residence is not perfect

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"Constant temperature, constant oxygen of wet, constant, out of print of residence of science and technology is issued, or else is bought did not have! " recently, be located in a river on the west board piece block of Lang Shiguo border 3 period south garden open quotation, the concept such as science and technology, energy-saving, environmental protection becomes those who develop business conduct propaganda to sell a site. However since city of high-tech residence face, the person that buy a house, expert, media commends to its differ. This south the attention that garden open quotation arouses many people again, the our newspaper of owner incoming telegram of block of international of a few bright poems expresses, high-tech residence is not the imagination is medium apple-pie in that way, the existence of a few defect made them much draw out money to return the life to bring a lot of inconvenience not only.

3 period cost is reduced somewhat

Block of bright poem international is Inc. of course of study of buy of Nanjing bright poem in the river on the west abstruse body board piece a of development total floor area arranges project of residence of 300 thousand square metre, the project builds a type to be given priority to with small high level, residence of type of block of fixed position internationalization. This Lou Panxuan says to use land source to heat up refrigeration of radiate of ceiling of pump technology system, concrete to make hot system, health brand-new wind system is waited a moment in all system of 10 science and technology, implementation " constant temperature, constant is wet, new wind, low a confusion of voices, anti-fouling, feebleminded bad news " wait for a variety of living functions.

This 3 period south be whole village field receive Guan Zhi to make, gross 9, among them 5 buildings are being offerred register. As we have learned, 5 buildings are 7 multilayer, have 202 square metre and 120 square metre two kinds of rooms, the price predicts to be in 18000 yuan / square metre above. The personage inside course of study is analysed, 3 period photographs are reduced somewhat than early days cost, be in only in 9 buildings 5 large family 24 hours of hot water and aspiration system were provided in the house, the others is done not have 4 times. Additional, wall body did first phase to work hang, can have effect of very good heat preservation heat insolation, 2 period, 3 period cancel entirely. Still have, the wet system of constant temperature constant that first phase can use all the year round, 2 period and 3 period just use in winter summer only now, and content canal cost is not reduced because of this.

Moving cost is higher not be to one's profit

"In summer need not air conditioning, in the winter need not below the circumstance of central heating, can make the residence indoor all the year round temperature maintains the left and right sides is spent in 22~26, humidity maintains in 30%~70% , OK 24 hours breathe fresh air. " according to such propagandist high-tech residence use cost should compare traditional residence cost low. But first phase course of study advocates the lady tells a reporter, the content canal cost of block of international of bright poem · is every square metre 1.8 yuan / month, and relevant system moving expense is every square metre about 1.8 yuan / month, system of this wh some of which in age two season are returned not open works. That is to say, buy the house of a 150 square metre, outside providing cost and water charge of electricity every year except content, owner is even additional pay 3000 multivariate moving cost.
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