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51 sales promotion fiery of Nanjing of annals headroom attune undertake in

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This year " 51 " long holiday although shrink, but the headquarters that Nanjing regards Su Ning, 5 stars as, the contends for surely ground with beautiful country, the sales promotion of each manufacturer is enthusiastic however a bit is not decreased, sales promotion means is colorful profusion, resources investment also exceeds in former years.

Nanjing market is the headquarters seat of Su Ning, 5 stars, it is the ground that the United States contends for the country surely more, nanjing market nature became price basin of the whole nation, 51 during, theme of headquarters of follow closely of management center of product of Nanjing of annals headroom attune is " character total champion, ' 51 ' complete star " sales promotion activity, combine branch characteristic, undertake sales promotion and ceremony give an activity selling a combination. Partial type is participated in during the activity sell return certificate and ceremony to give. During the activity, buy annals expensive series to be tasted newly, have more luxurious great gift photograph sends. If buy an amount,3 exceed king send value bicycle of 488 yuan luxurious damping fold namely, add Bao of power transmission meal and jug of high electric heat at the same time each one. And buy set of boreal Ao Zhiguang, give value furnace of 288 yuan of advanced electromagnetism, add at the same time send jug of elegant electric heat.

Indoor sales promotion while, nanjing product management center reachs new market opening in Shanxi road group of trade of these two core undertakes starting group of tall tiger of card group and annals propaganda of outdoors sales promotion, with sell an activity of indoor sales promotion to form echo. New market opening and flow of person of group of Shanxi distance trade are large, the team that cite a shop sign and tiger team wander back and forth in trade group, propagandist mark is high content of 51 sales promotion while the conduct propaganda with also publicized tall to annals brand to undertake certain. The activity is obtained and exceeded expectant propagandist result.

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