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Headroom of peaceful wave annals moves: The service is better reaction is sharpe

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From peaceful wave annals tall relevant controller is in know, as a result of early days the successful operation of a series of jobs, if still be being calculated by refrigerant year, up to by April, annals headroom moves peaceful wave area to already finished year to always sell the 60% above of the task.

Attune of headroom of annals of area of 08 year peaceful wave still adopts a representative to impose the sale pattern of straight battalion, 3 when Heng Jia of city of peaceful wavelengh city, Shao, Jiang Dongzhi a person of extraordinary powers is annals headroom to be moved in peaceful wave area respectively act as agent greatly, among them Shao city Heng Jiacheng carried his 45 million yuan sale task, jiang Dongzhi a person of extraordinary powers assumes his 15 million yuan sale task. Up to now, the rate of job of these 3 representatives that finish is in 50% above, compared to the same period in former years has promote considerably. 08 year, attune of headroom of peaceful wave annals acts on the principle with faster to market reaction, better service, influence cultivation market subtly, no matter be on the sale, still be sale team grooms on the collaboration with agency, terminal is made on, more more perfect than in former years.

Occupy additionally divulge, as 51 draw near, annals headroom moves stock of each sales promotion to already had neat, also had spread out in the round in the activity of large promotion sales promotion of peaceful wave market, lift busy season Xin Yibo to sell upsurge.

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