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Contribution for low-carbon city of ground source heat pump brands will be a

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The afternoon of December 7, 2010 contribution for China's low-carbon city of ground source heat pump brands assessment Schönbrunn Palace in Beijing Hotel. The poll expert review group, Ministry of Housing and Urban by the Chief Economist, Director General, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Committee, senior State Department Coun selor, Ministry of Housing and Urban Environmental Center Wangbing Chen, former president of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, consultant engineer Wu Desheng, former chief engineer of China Academy of Building Research, Vice President, Chinese Association of Refrigeration, vice president of Wu Wei, the Ministry of Geology Department of Geological Environment Director of Environment, Dr. Li Jijiang composition. It is understood that the assessment for the China International Urban Development Strategy of the relevant implementation rules established by the Committee with the program, after nearly 4 months of the initial evaluation, re-evaluation, the final selection from dozens of companies out of China in a low carbon city of the great contributions, and strong corporate influence in the final the final assessment. Review meeting, the experts into the final assessment for corporate returns and related data have been reported each review. In strict accordance with the selection of a just, fair and open Sangong principles, mainly from the application area, the number of projects, value or turnover, the four aspects of technology, comprehensive evaluation of reporting companies for the contribution of urbanization in China, low-carbon. Experts said the few but resolutely implement the assessment, attention to reality, no flooding, no retreat, no sort of principle. At the same time, stressed the need to take the lead in the implementation of the relevant state industrial policy, highlighting the company in promoting the urbanization of the highlights low-carbon, not demand perfection is good, but for the features. It is reported that the final assessment list will be held on December 19 of the Fourth International Summit on Chinese cities revealed.