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Maple Leaf by the market of energy into the ground source heat pump water in t

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HVAC & R Network by HC, HC heat pump network, HC solar network organized by China Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Industry Association of China jointly organized the "impact of China" 2010 China Top Ten Brands Award air conditioning and refrigeration industry in mid-September 2010 start After two months of registration and competitive primary vote, check the top 30 after the vote, in the final minutes of the PK in the more competitive, all businesses are in the least bit the gap between the top 20 in the afternoon of November 30 generated. Maple Energy Limited Finalist its most popular brand of ground source heat pump water in the top 20. Maple Energy to "promote green energy to create a harmonious life" as the spiritual strength and forward momentum, with the Maple Leaf green footprint in the global energy market, the rapid extension of the company in the world for the energy saving efforts and achieved remarkable results, get all the recognition and support. As a professional in ground source heat pump research and development, design, manufacturing, engineering and technical services of specialized companies, Maple Energy has completed a ground-source heat pump system layout of a complete industrial chain for regional energy planning has laid a solid foundation. Maple Energy in accordance with the low carbon buildings - low carbon community (Industrial Park) - a low-carbon city development concept all the way forward has now been completed application of a large number of cases of low-carbon buildings, is implementing a low carbon community (Industrial Park) of the building, planning and layout of low-carbon city, eco-city energy planning. The short-listed its most popular brand of water source heat pump the top 20 no doubt reinforce the Maple Leaf again strengthened energy industry leading position, significantly enhanced with the industry's competitive advantage.