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Recharge: water source heat pump to bring the trouble

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Century, the nineties brought in heat pump technology. With the country in recent years, energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, low-carbon resources, recycling, the introduction of mandatory targets, a group of high energy consumption and serious pollution of small boilers and small power plants Guantingbingzhuan is mandatory. With the continuous improvement of people's lives, a new green, low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, resource re-use of emerging industries - water source heat pump technology in the conduct of the river north and south in full swing From the rapid development of urban to rural areas for the national economy and improving people's lives and make a great contribution. Water source heat pump is the water as the medium to replace the banned traditional way of heating and cooling. Heat pump system can be divided into two types, namely, ground-source heat pump and water source heat pump. Water source heat pump to run, low cost, simple operation by the market and Users. Water source heat pump use underground water cool features, to some rich groundwater, shallow water areas of towns and villages to bring the convenience and benefits, to start the installation "soil" water heat pump. "Soil" source heat pump Self-made method is very simple, is the direct extraction of groundwater through the indoor plumbing, installation of a catchment, catchment device installed next to an electric fan, blowing catchment, to achieve the purpose of cooling and heating. Unable to recharge, to Is ranked by the water catchment to the sewer, waste water. People do not know of groundwater use, the harm the water used for diving, but diving very limited resources, long-term extraction will be depleted and endangered their own and neighboring Habitat's housing security. Lead to ground subsidence, will own and caused cracks in the surrounding neighborhood and the collapse of the housing is not recommended that more harm than good heating and cooling mode. If you are using, consult the technical project proposals Personnel to the formation of groundwater recharge, both to use, but also to maintain groundwater balance. Indiscriminate use of groundwater heat pump water phenomenon If people mess with shallow water to the right to guide, but some bad developers and distributors knowingly heat pump is not easy to recharge areas have been, in the interests of drivers, in order to reduce the cost of extensive use of cement Products, pipes and other inferior materials, and got simply do not know how to recharge wells technology team, as long as the water, the device can operate on the line, in order to deceive the owners. When the project delivery with use, a large number of owners to check and found that the amount of recharge Small or do not go to recharge. Reinvent large investment, how to do, to simply flee the water discharges to the sewer have escaped. A few years ago, China Central Television for the protection of water resources, made a public service ads, ads that very well: "a waste of water resources, human is the last remaining drop their tears." We also warned the poor to open FAT and heat pump dealers to social responsibility, but also for your children and grandchildren to stay a little money can not buy the groundwater resources. Recharge has attracted the attention of the relevant departments A few years ago, a lot of water source heat pump installed, after several years of operation, found difficult to recharge the groundwater to be a lot of waste in some areas have been easy to recharge, but do a relevant one that was used for water source heat pump Headache, or be not approved. Shenyang is the first to use a city water source heat pump recharge. Most of the area to gravel-based, geological conditions, and recharge with good results. But some regions, from the geological sense, is the edge of the alluvial fan, back Irrigation problems. Therefore, Shenyang, also issued a penalty clause - using water source heat pump, resulting in a fine of 30,000 yuan of land subsidence, which is China's first recharge water source heat pump technology on the use of improper punishment of the city. The introduction of the penalty policy Good, but too little, when the trigger geological disasters, 30,000, 300,000, and 300 million will be able to control the it? ! That we have lost 3 million will be able to buy the precious groundwater resources? 30,000 pairs of bad developers and heat pump dealers Nothing! In my view, all recharge using water source heat pump works, installation of water meters, if the recharge does not go sky-high price to buy water, so that it can not run. Recharge go to take incentive measures. On the trigger geological disasters, to take Who who who used to install control measures. Understanding and promoting the green industry Water source heat pump outside the fifties of last century began to use, because energy saving, environmental protection, carbon, and a large number of widely used. Of spreading quickly. But the crux of the difficulties arising from the use, that is, recharge. It is Can not recharge it so hard not to break it? The answer is no. I engaged in drilling more than three decades, studies of the Quaternary unconfined recharge technology ten years, invented the Quaternary groundwater recycling "patented" technology, in many experts believe is not easy to recharge District 100% successful permanent non-pressure injection, several projects have been recharging the tenth anniversary. After several projects on track with that increasing the amount of recharge, especially in the coastal city of Yingkou success this year recharge in the success of That as long as there is water there is pressure, water source heat pump in any one place can use, depending on geological conditions, use of different drilling, well completion technology can achieve 100% recharge. March this year, I specifically wrote to the Homeland Resources Minister Xu Shaoshi, Minister Xu sent to conduct research, and asked me to do the project as soon as possible to identify the installation of equipment, experts concluded, for various reasons, being unable to achieve. Is currently working with several domestic Several large companies to recharge the larger project, the intention ongoing negotiations. While doing a lot of very successful projects, but with many years of experience in the exploration of the construction. The regional geological conditions are different, still need to constantly sum up experience, to find out the rational distribution of different strata, different new drilling Process and to identify technical parameters and so on. Recharge well water well drilling technology is different from other techniques, from drilling, well completion, choice of materials has its own complex process, which are indispensable. Recharge well need to do a scientific argument, from the exploration of organizational design of water quality, water The amount of water abundance, water permeability, well spacing should be analyzed. Currently, many industry peers, the construction team geological system wells, water source heat pump heating companies, contractors, suppliers have caller asked me to lecture, teach techniques and into the well recharge process. Because it is "proprietary" technology At present, many materials are in preparation, multimedia is also in preparation. To all of us responsible, socially responsible, is temporarily unable to classes, is taught a class, please maximize the benefits of cutting corners, or personal exemptions into the unit. There are many difficulties in the use of recharge in the face of corporate and individual needs help, ask me on the telephone line, please contact. Hope that our sincere cooperation and jointly explore, to the green, energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, Of recycling, and beneficial to human engineering, well, bigger, stronger, and do the conscience of each project, to be responsible for our future generations!