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Ground source heat pump market in China with annual sales of nearly 3.0 billi

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Every cool autumn, Shengmolisi, Mission Hills Golf, Portofino and other owners of luxury villas in Shenzhen, there will be a different experience: no need to Boiler, swimming pool water temperature can be kept constant. A new section is different from the traditional Can be environmentally friendly air-conditioning - Geothermal air conditioning is on the rise of Shenzhen villa. In 2010, the third brand of creative design trade show in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen local independent research and development of geothermal air conditioning caused the concern of many local and overseas participants, "the technology for residential energy-saving 50 ~ 70% integrated, operating costs Central air-conditioning for the general use of 50 to 60%. "This technology brings exhibitors together Shenzhen Chuang, Chairman nest heat pump air conditioning people to submit to the Shenzhen Economic Daily, strong reporter, the technology is currently the villa as a breakthrough , From Shenzhen to the national market. Shenzhen brand to the country Ground source heat pump technology is actually an ancient energy efficient environmentally friendly air conditioning system, 40's of last century occurred in Europe and America, along with higher energy prices and technology improvements in recent years, the rapid commercialization. It is used to Shallow temperature of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius all year round feature, buried pipes, to achieve energy transfer. In winter, the soil in the heat "take out" provided to the indoor heating; in the summer, the heat inside the room, "take" out Released into the soil. Industry, told reporters in Shenzhen ground source heat pump technology development started late, but potentially very strong. In the policy support, Shenzhen took the lead for big construction industry, energy consumption, the legislative power to exercise the SAR, developed in Country's first local building energy conservation regulations, "Building Energy Conservation Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone", and become a country approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban's first demonstration of a low-carbon eco-city. Renewable energy technologies is a Shenzhen building "low-carbon city" Key focus of the Department, ground source heat pump technology for energy saving building plays an important role. With the promotion of renewable energy technologies, ground source heat pump technology can be widely used in air conditioning, have gradually changed the way people buy and use air conditioning habits. In recent years, the direct use of geothermal energy at an annual rate of growth of 10% Shenzhen some strength enterprise fashion, have vied for the industry, Shenzhen McQuay Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Zhuanghe heat pump, heat pump technology Co., Ltd., Feng Chi, gain a firm foothold in the local market, after the Into the national market. The villa project as a breakthrough Industry has been that developers get the recognition and acceptance of ground source heat pump will be spread out from the villa is the industry's importance to the development path. And Vanke Group, Landsea real estate, COFCO Property, Greenland Group and other famous rich developers have had contact with new energy, general manager Yu Songtao admitted to reporters, "compared to public construction projects, ground-source heat pump system is actually more appropriate For residential real estate projects. "In addition to lower operating costs, while building floor space is not occupied, more importantly, can be achieved independent unit billing, metering, and owners on the management of the entire system. "Villa the use of ground source heat pump system has other advantages that are not domestic products, the cost is relatively low, a higher degree of market acceptance." Chao said the people strong, they open a residential villa project as a breakthrough in the market , And in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Qingyuan, Huizhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Changsha and villa projects to be successfully used. This reporter learned that, for users, geothermal air conditioning reflects its economy. Although it cost much higher than conventional air-conditioning, central air-conditioning costs are normally 300 yuan / square meter, geothermal air conditioning close to 500 yuan / square Meters, but once running, the geothermal air conditioning running costs lower than the nearly half of central air conditioning.