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The 2nd period division of installation of attestation of association of hot pum

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Groom brief introduction grooms register a watch to groom instructor brief introduction

[About IGSHPA attestation installation division grooms]
Association of hot pump of international land source has those who wear nearly 20 years to groom experience, this one major that relies on an Oklahoma to establish an university to begin grooms, had groomed gave the installation division of thousands of, only the installation division that the whole world acquired IGSHPA attestation 2007 exceeded 800 people. Division of IGSHPA attestation installation and stylist become land source to heat up the pioneer of pump industry mostly.

Pump industry is heated up in American land source, almost all installation companies, contractor and stylist can choose attend IGSHPA land source to heat up pump system to install division or stylist attestation to groom. IGSHPA grooms is the optimal way of standard of hot pump of study land source and craft, also be the enterprise maintains a technology to precede at the same time, make the optimal choice of industry guide.

[Division of IGSHPA attestation installation grooms walk into China]
As the public and government energy-saving to the building heavy visual range spends rise, the technology of land source hot pump that has remarkable and energy-saving effect gets be popularized quickly and applied in great quantities in China in recent years. Division of installation of attestation of association of hot pump of international land source grooms the optimal way that the personage offers all circles that will be Chinese numerous enterprise or cares land source to heat up pump technology to master international to precede land source heats up pump technology system in the round.

Chinese head - division of installation of attestation of association of hot pump of international land source grooms hold successfully at was in Beijing in September 2007, 56 student become Chinese area first IGSHPA attestation installs division.

[Groom object]
IGSHPA attestation installs division to groom is to be land source to heat up pump only researcher, architect, manufacturer, agency, installation business, warm the total contractor that opens air conditioning and refrigeration project, excavate tubal channel / artesian well total contractor and any devoting oneself to the relevant personage of this new technology is designed. Such grooming the activity also will make a government energy-saving branch, landed company, power company and the owner delegate that have build plan benefit a lot likewise, the knowledge in grooming will conduce to have a technology decision-making.
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