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Wuhan: Have a taste of what is just in season of 20 more than project " air cond

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A kind energy-saving of environmental protection " air conditioning of the heat of the earth's interior " , already was in at present in 20 many projects projects of our city on the clique use, compare with photograph of system of groovy air conditioning, but energy-saving 30% .

Energy-saving technology communication meets the Hubei province that holds yesterday and Wuhan city air conditioning on, earth of committee of major of air conditioning of refrigeration of committee of experts of referral center of science and technology of academy of Chinese building science, city, Hubei builds a society to warm an air conditioning major is committee, medium the expert of designing institute of the 4th reconnaissance is iron Wuhan city circle is energy-saving an action, the proposal is popularized more on large construction and public construction " air conditioning of the heat of the earth's interior " .

The iron in occupying wheel of the warm strong point that know place flies to designing institute of the 4th reconnaissance the introduction, system of air conditioning of heating of land source hot pump (common says " air conditioning of the heat of the earth's interior " ) system of land of winter Cong Yan (or well water, laky etc) absorb quantity of heat, the summer emits quantity of heat to cliff land system, again by hot pump aircrew to the building heat addition or offer cold. This system and photograph of groovy air conditioning system are compared, about energy-saving 30% , be a kind of efficient and energy-saving, free from contamination already but heating, but the system of new-style air conditioning of refrigeration.

According to introducing, this kind of technology can apply extensively at the building such as boarding house of commercial floor space, public construction, house, school, hospital. The province Public Security Department that built 2002 drives school building to already used this technology, effects is apparent. 4 courtyards are in iron the multi-purpose building of manufacturing scientific research that build, investment many yuan of 2000 source that build the ground heats up the system such as pump, can offer the heating of area of about 40 thousand square metre and refrigeration. Although one-time investment is opposite taller, but control 8 years but disinvestment cost, and use fixed number of year is as long as 20 years.

The expert discloses iron related 4 courtyards, this courtyard already was in Wuhan city this technology is used in many projects, the fierce prosperous railway station after transforming and the Wuhan railway station that building all used this system.

The wheel flies say, system of land source hot pump is in Euramerican apply general. If be in the United States, 20% what take system of whole air conditioning about. Although Wuhan starts earlier, but as a result of one-time devoted on the high side, develop apparent lag. Be in Beijing, already on 1000 projects used this one system, and Shanghai also has more than 100.
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