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Abstruse place air conditioning cleans 200 much experience of Beijing end

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A few days ago, 209 of Olympic Games of whole town service have the building that centers air conditioning, include place of Olympic Games match, training place, blame contest place, autograph to make an appointment with the hotel, hospital that decide a dot and Olympic Games the experience such as relevant establishment abstruse place, center air conditioning ventilated system cleans the job to be finished entirely, clean quality to amount to mark entirely.

Concentration allocates and transport for nothing travel became long, its wind canal and aircrew can be put have the contamination such as a large number of dirt retention, if be cleaned not in time, microbial meeting breeds in great quantities, what cause respiratory tract infection easily is eruptive with popularity. City health bureau will center air conditioning to clean include Olympic Games place communal sanitation safeguard job pours platoon period to plan, in a limited time finish, be in charge of hollow to collect attune clean quality to undertake supervisory check and be checkinged and accept, manage strictly. Eligible to checking and accept extend clean eligible proof, unqualified unit does not grant to extend wholesome licence.

At present abstruse place centers experience ventilated system cleans air conditioning the job already was finished smoothly entirely, next, door of Ministry of Public Health will continue to advance sky of whole town concentration to move ventilated system to clean the job

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