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Frequency of report of a success of market of Guangxi of aircrew of annals tall

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At the beginning of 8 years May, the brand actual strength that center air conditioning depends on annals high school to rise ceaselessly, high grade product quality and perfect after service success win the bid net of jade forest custom, China connects Guangxi the aircrew of the major project project such as company Guangxi branch purchases order for goods.

This is bank of an ancient name for China of afterwards Nanning city, big public house of Nanning city roc situation, great theater of Nanning city Huang Jiakai song, center of foreign international of Nanning city boat surmounts fitness meeting place, business affairs of Nanning city throne is met, guangxi teachs academic library, world of sea of Guangxi the North sea goes vacationing hotel, the another beautiful accomplishment that Yue of gentleman of Guangxi river pool obtains after the project such as the hotel greatly. The products plan concept that filled fission to show center of annals high school to increase price of character, tall sex, energy-saving, environmental protection for nothing not only in competition of a lot of project, also showed the plan conformity ability with business efficient personnel at the same time, final show itself from inside competition of numerous industry of central air conditioning, win the bid smoothly!

It is reported, annals tall wind is cold (hot) product of set of water module set uses intelligence to change microcomputer programme controll, form refrigeration system by stage or 4 two compressor, fan of two groups of condensation forms fan system, serve at independent or common wind system, all refrigeration system, condensation fan system forms unit of a module, 1-16 module forms structure of module type network, can satisfy the requirement of all sorts of environments. Product more have collocation agile, all ready of practical and convenient, function, on the safe side, quality is stable, advantageous, intelligence controls function, efficient and energy-saving, operation is simple, reliable, design is unique, the appearance is halcyon and beautiful, comfortable, maintain handy, installation simple, move reasonable wait for 8 big characteristics, especially aircrew of module of annals tall RFW65/T-PM can effect comparing is achieved 3.25, in domestic can be counted on one's fingers, can arrive so high-powered is rare more.


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