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Mark is high: Energy-saving the social responsibility that is an enterprise

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  "The task of the enterprise is to sell product, seek profit not only, in the meantime, still should development energy-saving product regards as the social responsibility of the enterprise, the country is since bear hard energy-saving the mission that decreases a platoon. " when annals headroom moves vice-president Zhang Ping to accepted our newspaper reporter to interview a few days ago, express.

"From the point of the feasibility condition of current trade, we think air conditioning can it is imperative that effect upgrades. Although energy-saving air conditioning is brought,make those who make cost promote substantially, but the company that has high society sense of responsibility as, mark is high will support this with all one's strength can of effect standard upgrade and carry out. " in the light of active air conditioning can effect doorsill already did not follow to go up country " energy-saving decrease a platoon " need, zhang Pingming expresses those who support this policy to come on stage truly, express to will continue to hold high old standard of energy-saving air conditioning.

According to introducing, records comes high for years all the time with " character is lead " base oneself upon, by Tsinghua university the technical group of postdoctoral navigate devotes oneself to generation for a long time air conditioning is in the research and development of the technology of newest, foremost edge of the respect such as energy-saving, healthy, Jing Yin and vogue, pass thrust " standard of air conditioning dependability " , stand fast " spare parts is lifelong and free change " , head push " quality acceptance recall is made " and with the world 500 strong companies establish global head home " air conditioning character is allied " wait for multinomial act, revealed annals headroom shift adequately " world character " . Changed early by national hair 2005 appoint pledge with the country check total bureau is released jointly about achieving one, 2 class can in the catalog detailed list of effect product, with can effect is more highest than the industry and gain the championship. And as " 3 exceed king " , " super- can star " , " boreal Ao Zhiguang " wait for a series of high-energy effect products roll out, promoted annals high technical brand image greatly.

As we have learned, annals tall promotion can the main technique approach of effect has:

One, use high-energy effect compressor and refrigeration agent;

2, the research and development that increases heat exchanger to design a technology;

3, the raw material that uses high-energy effect more;

4, the integral design that optimizes a product.

In addition, annals of respect of domain of centrally air conditioning returns original creation high the energy-saving technology with cold harbour of frequency conversion ice.
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