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Powerful and prosperous implementation increases raise seed power quickly

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The ancients cloud: "Free path is like impregnable pass really iron, take a step to be jumped over from the beginning now " . Yang Zizhong ends air conditioning passes effort, strong market to develop, with raise child in fist product one of module aircrew, no matter be force of performance side, quality respect, price respect, market,wait a respect a moment to have the advantage that comparative, be in at present domain of machine of home market module already be the champion, of project of many example of aircrew of mark sex module build, raise child " module king " honorary name is famous at domestic and international market. And 6 years since, raise child made another fist product -- fountainhead heats up pump aircrew, build hall through the Anhui province " raise child technology of hot pump of air conditioning fountainhead " project appraisal, product fill is provincial and blank, the technology reachs domestic advanced level, the product is efficient and energy-saving, noise is low, the construction is reasonable, move to wait for a characteristic reliably, let more user favor for it. As raise child while enterprise dimensions and actual strength rise greatly, raise child in countrywide market network ceaseless also and perfect, market network covers the throughout the country. Accumulate promotion through bedding face, already formed raise child user public praise changes conduct propaganda, yang Zipin card is famous degree increase and also expand as sales volume ceaselessly, in integral market situation stagnant situation falls, came 2008 first half of the year raise child get rapid development, whole grows 30% above, all appear to grow considerably in the market such as countrywide Jiangsu, Hunan, Fujian, Guangxi, Shandong, Chongqing, China north, Yun Gui, the form is satisfactory.

Yang Zifa of turn one's head exhibits course, from 2003 raise child surely power limited company of central air conditioning establishs 2008 year formally, do not pass during a few years short time. And in these a few years of time, raise child mature with each passing day, channel sells the technology the network already pervaded countrywide each district, and what sell outstanding achievement growth every year is fast it is to let brand of numerous person of the same trade do it more shake regret. With other old brand photograph is gotten than Yang Zixian more ' young promising ' . 3 years, the division of zoology industry garden that Yang Zixing builds first phase project (include the air conditioning central to produce air conditioning of base, family expenses base of the 2nd production, sponsor center of fair building, scientific research and sale center) ; 2 period project (include Ban gold, electronic-controlled, model wait for dominant component with copper pipe treatment) manufacturing base, and storage content sheds a center. In recent years, raise child air conditioning makes full use of the advantageous condition of industrial garden area, take a variety of collaboration forms, the vendor that attracts countrywide each district and area of partner settle garden, investment starts a plant, for raise child air conditioning provides industrial form a complete set, make industrial alliance, form industrial catenary gather, carry out in the round " perpendicular unifinication " development strategy. More in October 2005, raise child air conditioning of 2 workshop family expenses produces base complete. At the same time raise child project of air conditioning component already start working construction, at present raise child what industrial garden has 12 modernization is full automatic product line and 3 entrances are muti_function center of technology of level of a computer check line, state, 2 products institute, 4 countries approbate a lab. Give out high quality to leave, the product of contented and diverse demand was offerred assure reliably. Raise child at present productivity is area of garden of air conditioning new industry: Central air conditioning air conditioning of 500 thousand ton of refrigeration, family expenses 2.4 million, air can heat up pump water heater 100 thousand. Become home's at present large professional air conditioning to create enterprise and one of OEM base.
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