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Riding quality of our country economy and benefit continued to promote first hal

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Second borrow snow of the crisis, inflation, rain to freeze reach seismic calamity... face progress of our country economy is medium since this year all sorts of economic difficulty and challenge, in the government the significant action of policy of macroscopical adjusting control falls, our country economy still maintained smooth faster run mode first half of the year this year situation, finance income achieves fast growth, economic structural adjustment presents positive change, industry and company profit continue to be climbed up litre, overall economy riding quality and benefit continue to rise.

Economic riding quality is better finance income continues fast growth

This year first half of the year, economy of our country countryman continues to maintain the fast growth of 10 % above, but add fast relatively the 11 % of the corresponding period appeared to 12 % last year rational fall after a rise, share of economic overheat venture gets releasing. Meanwhile, economic riding quality rises further, finance income continues to achieve fast growth, industrial business also maintained rapidder growth implementation profit and income of urban and rural dweller.

The Ministry of finance says about chief, 2008 first half of the year, countrywide finance income is compared go up year of growth 30 % above. Finance adds closing basically is the implementation on the base that expands more quickly smoothly in national economy more relatively, also be affected at the same time by a few special elements.

Statistic shows, as bigger as finance income dependency industry increases total volume of retail sales of consumable of value, society, enterprise to realize amount of profit, imports and exports to wait for each main economic norms first half of the year growth is rapidder, it is finance increases the economic base that control, drove value added tax, enterprise income tax and import segment revenue to achieve rapidder growth from this.

It is with value added tax exemple, because industry of countrywide dimensions above raises a cost,grow 16 compared to the same period. 3 % , industrial product producer price rises compared to the same period 7. 6 % , social consumable total volume of retail sales grows 21 compared to the same period. 4 % . Accordingly, domestic value added tax finishs 948.4 billion yuan first half of the year, grow 22. 6 % .

The Ministry of finance says about chief, the rapid growth of finance income, be helpful for controlling fixed assets to invest dimensions on one hand, control inflation; On the other hand, finance actual strength increases, through adjusting government spending structure, increase right " 3 farming " , the supportive strength that sanitation of education, social security, medical treatment, zoology is built and the economic society such as environmental protection develops weak point, be helpful for raising economy to expand quality and benefit.
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