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Air conditioning can effect upgrades the manufacturer stimulates argue new stand

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Brew long already air conditioning can effect upgrades to change to what air conditioning course of study arises sexual influence is provoking attention. A few days ago, hair change appoint, GB appoint held listen to industry opinion informal discussion, the enterprise stimulates argue can effect grade. "Can effect compares contend for the market that involves future to have, involve the businessman's respective increase, be in can on effect standard somewhat difference give no cause for more criticism. " expert of industry of some home appliance expresses when accepting a reporter to interview.

Footing of Sino-Japanese a group of people of same interest each different

It is reported, sending change appoint, GB appoint hold listen to industry opinion informal discussion to go up, be locked in a stalemate of a group of people of same interest of Sino-Japanese and bilateral company. Attend the Chinese company a group of people of same interest of the informal discussion to include division force, beauty, annals the view air conditioning such as tall, Aokesi can effect introduction standard rises to 3 class, namely 3; The sea that a group of people of same interest that Japan includes 3 water chestnut to weigh labour, big gold, pine to leave a company inside and China give priority to with frequency conversion air conditioning believes the industry such as division dragon, advocate air conditioning the standard rises to 2 class, namely 3.2.

"Domestic most company hopes the standard can be in surely of 3 class, but most enterprise has been air conditioning can effect standard has made two tactics preparation. " a personage of interior of manufacturer of domestic famous air conditioning expresses.

The expert inside a few course of study expresses, the opinion of Chinese enterprise, it is to hope to be able to have an amortize period, the hope is current " hero bully " the situation of market share won't get can the overmuch influence that effect standard upgrades.

In fact, air conditioning can effect upgrades, had given out 5 years " warm-up time " . According to Introduction Xu Dongsheng, the air conditioning after the orgnaization hopes 5 years related 2004 countries can effect standard can reach 2 level, the enterprise does not have skill obstruct at that time, because they are hopeful,be think, through time of 5 years, air conditioning can effect standard raises 2 level can be achieved completely. "But actually these 5 years since technical progress did not expect like place of the everybody 5 years ago in that way, did not change in energy-saving technical respect sexual progress. " the company hope air conditioning that this also is Chinese company a group of people of same interest can effect standard is in 3 class " amortize " the reason of period of time.

"New can effect won't change market structure "

Can another focus of effect air conditioning, ankylose the air conditioning after extracting high-energy effect to raw material depend on. Xu Dongsheng expresses, "Will tell from the technology, we the present air conditioning that decide frequency does not have completely satisfactory energy-saving technology, and need extracts high-energy effect through increasing heat exchanger. This is not a technology those who go up than going all out, however of raw material use up. However of raw material use up..
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