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The puissant tool of utilization of waste heat- - hot pump

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Water flows to small part from altitude, heat delivers microtherm object completely by high temperature content, this is the order of nature. However, in actual life, irrigate for agriculture, the need that lives to wait with water, people uses water pump to send altitude water from small part. Same, in the sources of energy increasingly nervous today, the microtherm steam in discharging atmosphere normally to reclaim, low temperature in discharging river plain heats up the medium quantity of heat such as water, hot pump is used to microtherm object medium heat energy conveys in high temperature object, next high temperature object will add hot water or heating, make quantity of heat gets making full use of. 

The working principle that heats up the working principle of pump and family expenses air conditioning, freezer to wait is basic and same, through media of going from place to place (it is freon commonly before, show the sky by replace freon place to replace) in evaporator, compressor, condenser and expand the ministry such as a powerful person tastes medium gas phase to change (boil and condense) in deliver the quantity of heat of microtherm object high temperature object circularly, go. 

Specific work process is as follows: Media of ① overheat liquid absorbs the quantity of heat of microtherm object inside evaporator, evaporate aeriform media. Of the compressor of aeriform media fluid that ② evaporator comes out compress, turn into the aeriform media of mock lukewarm high pressure. The aeriform media of high pressure of ③ high temperature releases high temperature object in heat energy of condenser lieutenant general, at the same time oneself turns into high-pressured liquid media. Media of liquid of ④ high pressure is expanding the decompression in a powerful person, turn into again overheat liquid media, enter evaporator, the process with initial circulation. 

The function of hot pump uses achievement coefficient commonly (COP) will evaluate. Of the quantity of heat that microtherm object sends form of high temperature herd for the definition of achievement coefficient and need power than. The achievement coefficient that heats up pump normally is 3-4 left and right sides, that is to say, heat up pump to be able to want oneself place energy 3 convey from microtherm object to the heat energy of 4 times high temperature object. Euramerican now day is developing new-style hot pump eagerly. The achievement coefficient that occupies the hot pump with new-style report but 6 to 8. If this one value can get popular, this means the sources of energy to will get more effective use. Of hot pump, popularity rate also will get rising breathtakingly. What heat up pump at present is highest give force temperature to be controlled for 110 degrees. Exceed this temperature to will appear likely the danger that makes media is decomposed.

Because freon has to earthly atmosphere ozone,destroy effect, to protect zoology environment of the earth, become besides what raise hot pump show coefficient, use the sources of energy effectively beyond, each country science still devotes oneself to the development of new-style and refrigerant media. At present already kind of media that replaces freon gets applied.
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