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PHNIX (group) high-end hot pump enters Korea market successfully

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Come from PHNIX (fragrance Buddhist nun overcomes at present) the message of department of trade of external affairs of bloc of great capacity, korea heats up KIM of business of pump product project to called PHNIX group a few days ago, group of large scale computer has finished the hot pump of high end of card of a batch of PHNIX that this company imports from China installation is debugged, move at present very successful. This is indicating PHNIX card high end is hot pump product, especially group of large scale computer enters Korea market successfully already.

Chen Yang of manager of business of department of trade of PHNIX sea external affairs expresses to our newspaper, in PHNIX card high end hot pump product enters Korea market hind, overseas facilities ministry aggrandizement after service, be in place with PHNIX of with a view to the long-term development of the market.

It is reported, growth of market of product of Korea hot pump is quite mature, this country has the hot pump with a batch of powerful actual strength to produce business and project business, market competition is very consequently intense. Authoritative personage thinks inside our country course of study, PHNIX card high end heats up pump product to be able to enter Korea market, admire the actual strength of technical research and development with powerful group of Lai Yu PHNIX and higher product craft level completely.

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